Conspiracy theory : Government staged Sandy Hook to take away our guns
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re: Conspiracy theory : Government staged Sandy Hook to take away our guns
Posted by sgallo3 on 1/14 at 8:22 am to WDE24

If you are asking if I believed that a single person entered Sandy Hook and murdered a bunch of children without being brainwashed to do so by the government, the answer is absolutely yes.

really because SSRI pills have been proven to have a link to violence and they have been prescribed in massive numbers over the past 15 years. just do a google searchon SSRIs and murder. but no journalists talk about those things right? or for someone to be able to be a journalist do they have to be on your favorite channel?


The use of antidepressant and psychiatric drugs, particularly among children, is an extremely risky activity that could have fatal consequences for both the individuals that use them, as well as their friends and family. According to the National Post, a Canadian judge recently ruled that the extreme mind-altering effects of the antidepressant drug Prozac were in large part responsible for causing a 15-year-old boy to thrust a nine-inch kitchen knife into one of his closest friends.

Though the Winnipeg boy that committed the heinous crime had allegedly abused prescription drugs and "experimented" with cocaine long prior to the incident, he had never had a violent or aggressive personality about him, according to reports. It was only when he began taking Prozac, the very thing doctors had given him as a so-called "solution" to his previous illicit drug problems, that he began to rapidly go off the deep end.

"He had become irritable, restless, agitated, aggressive and unclear in his thinking," said Justice Robert Heinrichs of the Manitoba Justice Department, who ruled on the case. "It was while in that state he overreacted in an impulsive, explosive and violent way. Now that his body and mind are free and clear of any effects of Prozac, he is simply not the same youth in behavior or character."

What the judge appears to be implying here is that Prozac is directly responsible for altering the brain of a user and causing them to think irrationally, which in turn can cause them to harm themselves or others. In other words, if it were not for the use of this mind-warping drug, the murderer in this case most likely would never have dreamed of slaughtering one of his best friends.

Judge Heinrichs ultimately determined that, because of the drug's involvement, the boy who murdered his friend would not be tried in an adult court. Even though the boy pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, the judge only added a ten-month sentence on top of the two years that the boy had already spent in jail pending the trial -- and there will apparently be no appeal, which is a first in any North American court.

In a similar outcome back in 2001, a Wyoming jury ruled that the antidepressant drug Paxil had caused a man to murder his wife, daughter, and granddaughter, after which he killed himself. And one of the mass-murderers in the infamous Columbine High School shooting, Eric Harris, had allegedly been taking the antidepressant drug Luvox at the time that he participated in the tragedy

Learn more: LINK ]

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Posted by ruger on 1/14 at 10:00 am to WDE24

This is the biggest red herring and straw man you idiots always respond with.

BUT, you do believe the mainstream media/governments official account of Sandy Hook, correct?? And once again, how is that lady a Sandy Hook parent also?? Im sorry if I missed your all knowing explanation.

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Posted by ruger on 1/14 at 10:01 am to WDE24

misled you in a clipped together youtube video does make someone an idiot.

I saw a picture of the same woman, not a clipped together youtube clip. Also, please explain the united way setting up the fund before the shooting. Id like to hear that one.

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Posted by ruger on 1/14 at 10:03 am to notiger1997

What about Fox news?

Fox News. Once again, you or anyone else explain how that woman is 1)the lawyer of the batman shooter and 2) the mom of a Sandy Hook victim. Quit answering questions with questions. If you are such a bad ass, give me an explanation.

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Posted by TheDoc on 1/14 at 10:28 am to ruger
Why were RIP web pages made before the shootings happened?


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Posted by Rickety Cricket on 1/14 at 10:30 am to TheDoc
Really weird

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Posted by TheDoc on 1/14 at 10:35 am to Rickety Cricket
Whole thing seems staged. Couple that with the fact that FEMA had a scheduled drill at 9am the same morning in the area..

Not to mention there are gurneys and stretchers everywhere and only one ambulance in the area, they isn't even close to the school.

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Posted by sgallo3 on 1/14 at 10:41 am to TheDoc

Whole thing seems staged.

and people say the government would never be able to cover up events like this. hell they didn't. they did a half-assed job of it just like everything else they do and people still believe it

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Posted by chadau79 on 1/14 at 10:47 am to sgallo3
The lawyer, the Coroner, the crazy dad, and helicopter shots are blowing my mind. I don't really know what to think. There is cell phone video of everything these days. Why isn't there any cell phone or live video of the aftermath?

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Posted by tigersownall on 1/14 at 10:48 am to WDE24
No way to explain all those fb and fund pages going up days before it happened. As for the AR. I asked this question immediately when it happened. How did the gun found in the trunk of the car become responsible for the supposed death of these children.

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Posted by TheDoc on 1/14 at 10:49 am to sgallo3
One ambulance shows up to a mass casualty?

Being an EMT myself I don't buy that.

Sorry, I'm not a moron.

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Posted by gatorsimz on 1/14 at 11:35 am to Lsut81

Can I please get cliff notes from the Tin Foil Hat wearing people around here? I don't need a long paragraph, just 5-10 bullet points of why they think Sandy Hook was a conspiracy.

1. Multiple donation and memorial pages/videos made and uploaded to the web days before the shooting. LINK
2. Not one of the victims parents shed a tear during interviews. They pretend to wipe tears but there are none. Also, several of the parents are smiling and laughing during the interviews, only a few days removed from their 6 yr olds being murdered. Here's Robbie Parker, the fakest: LINK
Other parents: LINK
Here are some photos exposing some of the sandy hook actors LINK
3. Authorities moved the car to a different location when they removed the gun from The trunk of the car at night. Although it was reported in the media that they were doing it at the school. Look at the picture of the car in this link, LINK. Notice it says "No Parking" in the front of the car. Also notice how the diagonal yellow stripes run all the way to the horizontal line with no gaps. Now check out the picture of them removing the gun at the school, LINK. Now "No Parking" is at the back of the car and the diagonal lines don't run all they way into the horizontal line.
4. Other extremely odd interviews. Coroner LINK "first responder" LINK
5. Interviews with the kids saying the noises they heard were like someone kicking a door or cans dropping while the adults saying there were a 100 shots fired. One girl even says "nothing really much" happened. Start of the video
6. Photoshopped pictures of Emily Parker and family. Picture of Emily Parker with Obama after shooting
7. Gun discrepancies.
8. Multiple arrests but no information
9. Fake swat team pictures. Their uniforms and badges dont match that of CT team

There's a start.

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Posted by gatorsimz on 1/14 at 11:39 am to tigersownall

As for the AR

It wasn't even an AR. It was a shotgun. Watch the video of the cop handling it with no gloves of course. He takes the shotgun shells out of it. Who handles a mass murder crime scene like this?

Here's the video:


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Posted by junkfunky on 1/14 at 11:47 am to Porky

weakened by small fires

Size doesn't matter. What were the temps?


with the steel reinforced structure falling straight down upon itself

If designed properly, yes.


32 ft./second per/second due to these fires?

Depends on the mass of the building above the structural failure.

Where did you get your C.E.?

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