Scot Loeffler emerges as VT OC candidate; plus fun fact regarding him
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re: Scot Loeffler emerges as VT OC candidate; plus fun fact regarding him
Posted by Ross on 1/14 at 7:56 pm to The Nino

Tom Brady man, Tom Frickin Brady!!1!

oh how were so wrong

I'm going to be honest and say I thought Loeffler was a big time question mark hire. He had one year at OC where he fielded a strictly average offense at Temple and then hops into the SEC? And his shining resume points are that he coached Tom Brady and Tim Tebow? What coach would even want Tim Tebow on their resume anyway? That guy has horrible mechanics and was great at Florida because of leadership and God given athleticism.

Our playcalling this year was nothing short of disgraceful. By the end of the year it looked like some child was randomly picking plays off of NCAA 12 and praying that it worked. Al Borges was ten times the coach Loeffler could ever hope to be. He came in after The Nall/Ensminger experiment completely fricked our offense over and made an offense that featured a fantastic Jason Campbell, who previously was mediocre under other coaches. His offense fit in well with Tuberville's overall coaching philosophy because we ran the ball and controlled the clock, even if it meant we wouldn't put up flashy stats. And the year he left, sure the offense wasn't great, but just look at the shitshow that happened the next year.

And I've seen a few VT fans chime in with how Tony Franklin has lit it up at MTSU and La Tech and using that as an indicator of "how a coach performs at Auburn is no indication of how he'll do elsewhere" and I can do nothing but laugh. For starters, Franklin actually has experience at multiple schools at OC and has done well, but those schools are all playing non-AQ schedules. His offensive philosophy of making our OL lose weight in order to be fast and nimble was a major misstep in a conference like the SEC and caused a lot of conflict on our staff. But really all that needs to be said is that the two situations are nothing the same and the only people that would try to make them the same are people that didn't watch us play this year or in 2008 and didn't keep up with what was going on.

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Posted by TreyAnastasio on 1/15 at 10:40 am to Ross

Did you actually watch our games or are you just rolling off statistics?

He's an absolute idiot and the definition of a walmart wolverine. Ive never seen anyone produce more huge fails and selfings than him.

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