Delusional Fan Base - UTexas Fans - Saban replacing Mack
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re: Delusional Fan Base - UTexas Fans - Saban replacing Mack
Posted by bddwolfpack on 1/10 at 5:03 pm to Spirit of Dunson
Urban Meyer to UT per Chicken

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Posted by paul02085 on 1/11 at 6:35 am to Cincinnati Bowtie

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Posted by CPT 8ch on 1/11 at 9:07 am to Macavity92

It is not about money with him. He has that. It is about what he wants to do next.

I agree, with Saban, it's all about him and his legacy. I think before Saban's done, he'll want to win a NC at a school outside the SEC, just to prove he can. However, I don't think he'd do it at Texas. With the resources at Texas, there's quite a few coaches that could win a championship there. That wouldn't be anything special.

I think he'd want to turn a third program around and win a NC at a school that's not considered a perennial football power. Maybe even one that's been wallowing in mediocrity. I could see him going somewhere like Clemson, West Virginia, Illinois, Iowa, or Georgia Tech, just to name a few.

Or, he may want to give the NFL one more try before he's done. He failed before and I think failure bothers the hell out of someone like him. Of course he may be smart enough to know his style doesn't cut it with grown men who aren't intimidated by him. Also, if he wins enough NC's, everyone will forget about the speed bump he encountered in Miami.

With all that being said, and with what he's built at Bama, I don't think he's finished dominating the SEC yet. I'm afraid the rest of us are stuck with having to face a Bama team coached by Saban for some time.

I hate Saban because he has no honor. He confessed a love of LSU and then 2 years after leaving LSU for the NFL, he goes to one of our most hated rivals. I just wish he would've left us one week earlier. If he had, we'd have Steve Spurrier coaching us and we probably wouldn't be bitching about Saban.

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Posted by Fat Bastard on 1/11 at 5:31 pm to Jim Rockford
texas has boatloads of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


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Posted by HempHead on 1/11 at 10:47 pm to Fat Bastard

texas has boatloads of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$



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Posted by TT9 on 1/12 at 8:14 am to phideauxlsu

He has NO allegiance to Bama or any other place he has coached. Saban is in it for Saban period and that's it. When he leaves he won't look back
we're heard this same shite every year since he was hired at Bama.

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