Fantasy football playoffs redraft strategy
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Fantasy football playoffs redraft strategy
Posted by JR Hamilsbach on 1/6 at 11:26 pm
New poster to the fantasy board. I'm hoping to acquire some information to prepare for my ff league draft that occurs this weekend. In my league, we play through week 16 and our playoffs entail redrafting for each round of the playoffs. I barely got into the playoffs and won my wild card matchup today. I need some help bc I'm matched up against probably the best player in our league and he's drafting 1st and I'm drafting last (4th) and its not a snake draft. I'm looking for some information about draft strategy when you're looking to get multiple players from the same team. I'm thinking Denver is going to win easily and was hoping to compensate for my compromised draft position by reaching for some Broncos who will hopefully have good days. If you have any references about this type of strategy or have any suggestions for me, please share. This is a 22 man league with some decent change up top and I'm hoping to take it down. Thanks.

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Posted by RedMustang on 1/7 at 12:50 am to JR Hamilsbach
You obviously have to try and get Manning, but he may be gone when you pick. If you do get him, then your next targets are either Decker or Thomas. Depending on how many Broncos you want, I'd try to get Moreno or the kicker. You should also have a backup plan in place. I would think that the first three picks (in some order) will be Brady, Rogers, and Manning. If Manning is gone when you draft, then I'd try to load up on New England. Green Bay has so many different targets that it's hard to know who will have a big game for them.
If you do end up with Rogers, then you will have no problem getting one of their receivers in a later round.
Don't reach for a player though, just because of his team. For the most part, take the best player available.

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Posted by JR Hamilsbach on 1/7 at 1:15 am to RedMustang
Thanks Mustang. Does it seam like a reasonable strategy to you? I'm in a PPR league and TEs get 2 PPRs so I suspect Gronk will be gone and maybe Brady, in the first round, but Manning and Moreno should be there with Foster, Lynch, etc available. I've never employed a strategy like this, but not sure if I can win picking last each round otherwise.

Without doing much prep I think I could get Manning in roud 1 and Moreno/Thomas round 2, but I don't think I could get all 3, but likely could get Decker in 4/5 if that's what I chose to do. Also, I'm not sure if I should totally sell out and reach on their D, or try to pepper in other players that appear to have decent value. What say you?

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Posted by RedMustang on 1/7 at 4:55 pm to JR Hamilsbach
If you take Manning and either Decker/Thomas, then the kicker and/or defense are also acceptable. The one problem with taking Manning, WR, AND Moreno is this: QB/Receivers work well together as they obviously can both have big games. When you take a RB with them, most likely one will go off, but one will not. (I'm talking running vs. passing game)
A much lower risk and potentially higher reward strategy would be to take someone like Lynch. I really like him this week and think he will get many carries with a good chance of a TD or two.
If you want to load up on Denver, I would stay with a passing combination and the defense and maybe the kicker.
If you're looking for a good TE option, I'd take Gonzo. Seattle's cornerbacks are outstanding and Ryan may look to Gonzo more than usual as Julio and Roddy may be neutralized.
After that, I'd pepper in other players with good value. Other players I like this week are Crabtree, Gore, and Ridley.
TIFWIW, but I have won our league's title 9 times, with the next closest person at 4. I also finished in the 99th percentile last year in the ESPN playoff Gridiron Challenge and am at 98.4% after the first round this year. Good luck!

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Posted by RedMustang on 1/8 at 9:27 pm to JR Hamilsbach
Please post how your draft turns out. I'm curious who you end up with.

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