How hard will it be for LSU to restore order?
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re: How hard will it be for LSU to restore order?
Posted by Captain 'Merica on 12/30 at 5:49 pm to BamaScoop

Our defense will be the best in the country next year by a wide margin.

We will play in NC game again next year.

Bama will lose to LSU next year. And lose to ND on jan 7th. Put the crack pipe down bama tard.Mett will rape your weak arse defense again

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Posted by BamaScoop on 12/30 at 5:51 pm to Captain 'Merica
Mett will not be able to practice in BDS all year for the game like he did in Tiger stadium this year. Mett gets smoked bad by our D next year in BDS.

Will be Shaznasty!!

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Posted by TigerDice on 12/30 at 6:13 pm to Rickdaddy4188

Miles has coached 4 of the top 5 LSU offenses, EVER.

Face it, Miles dropped the ball with recruiting QB talent for the first 5 years at LSU and only in the past year has he begun to change that.

The up coming 2013 recruiting class is the best for QBs since the arrival of Miles--about time.

Offense, not defense has been our weakest link during the Miles coaching tenure.

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Posted by H-Town Tiger on 12/30 at 6:26 pm to shoelessjoe

Bama is already preseason #1

They are? Do you have a time machine?

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Posted by jack6294 on 12/30 at 6:32 pm to H-Town Tiger
NCAA Football is now just like politics
Bama = Democrats They Won
LSU = Republicans We Whine

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Posted by mtheob17 on 12/30 at 7:54 pm to shoelessjoe
Barret Jones was a team captain and led that OLine. It will be interesting to see how good Bamas Oline is without him.

I like our chances next year!

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Posted by bbhunttide on 12/30 at 9:39 pm to TigerEast
You guys don't love LSU!!! You just love to hate Alabama and Saban. That is pretty sick and pitiful.

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Posted by dgnx6 on 12/30 at 11:27 pm to TIGRLEE

To be honest the loss to Fla this year meant nothing. As a fan, Id ra

Well if your mad about the bowl, then it did matter. Thats also the game where the team completely fell apart with injuries.

Also good chance bama gets a loss if they play usce and uf. Which in turn would have sent us to atl.

Also we beat bama last year and guess what, they still made it. So yeah LSU has to beat bama, but bama doesnt have to beat LSU. How does that make any sense? Even if we did beat them, there was no guarantee we are in. But also maybe the d would have showed up the last few games. Still the season played out the way it did and bama had an easier schedule.

I like playing ranked teams, i just hate Gainesville. its a fricking dump and im ready to rotate other teams. In this current format, we will travel to usc in 7 years and uga will be here in 8. Or the sec will just decide to botch the rotation again and we get usc and uf in 2014 again.

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