Payton Coaching Tree
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Payton Coaching Tree
Posted by blueslover on 12/28 at 12:19 pm
we know Carmichael & Kromer have had nibbles. Johnson took over at Tulane. Saints DB coach Dennis Allen went one year as DC at Denver to Oakland HC. Here's another...

One name that might surprise you that is on some NFL owners’ lists of potential head coaches: Doug Marrone of Syracuse. Marrone is 24-25 over four years as a head coach, but his Orangemen are coming off a 7-5 season as they prepare for the New Era Pinstripe Bowl Saturday. And Marrone has NFL experience. What might really appeal to NFL teams about Marrone is he served as Sean Payton’s offensive coordinator in New Orleans.

After a legacy of mostly has-beens, low dollar, and goofball head coach selections Payton has really established a place of respect among NFL organizations. Mora had a good run of 167 wins in 11 years but I don't remember him ever getting the acclaim as a coach that Payton has in his first 6 years (96 wins). Here's hoping he's around long enough to pass Mora on the win list. He's only 49yo now.

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Posted by LSUSkip on 12/28 at 4:33 pm to blueslover
I think Carmichael is gone. Too many jobs opening up at the end of the season for him to not get a few good looks.

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Posted by Bduhon55 on 12/28 at 4:36 pm to LSUSkip
I dont think Carmichael leaves unless its a good situation, and I dont see any open jobs with good situations. I know people will say well if it were good, then it would be open but I see the Chargers as situation higher on the ladder than Arizona, Cleveland, Jets, Jacksonville, Tenn, Carolina.

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Posted by deuce985 on 12/28 at 6:22 pm to LSUSkip
Who gives a shite. It's Payton's offense. Carmichael leaving isn't going to hurt the Saints one bit and if anything, will probably help us.

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Posted by Big D of the LC on 12/28 at 8:04 pm to deuce985
Hey Blues the Mora (167) and Payton's (96) is the number of games they coached not wins...actually Mora has (93) wins and Payton has (62). Payton will smash that in the next 2 years imo...

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Posted by long4life on 12/28 at 9:31 pm to Big D of the LC

Payton will smash that in the next 2 years imo...
how's he gonna smash that in 2 years. They gonna add several games in next 2 years? And are saints gonna start winning again?

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Posted by hsfolk on 12/28 at 9:54 pm to long4life
Carmichael goes to Arizona/San Diego, Payton promotes Joe Lombardi to OC

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