Saying Goodbye This Week
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re: Saying Goodbye This Week
Posted by blueslover on 12/29 at 12:38 pm to goatmilker
Roby could be but no sure goner. He's stuck a couple of years longer than I thought he could being basically only a gunner in the kick game and nothing else

for RFA Ivory they can do the match option, I doubt they tender him 2nd Rd

I had been saying goodbye to those with more good memories than bad. I can't quite do that for Ellis. He hasn't been a colossal bad bust like Fried Chicken Sullivan. He's contributed and was a part of the glorious '09 team. Still, the idea that he cost us a #8 overall pick and collected $33+million from the team will not make me sad if the door hits his fat arse on the way out.

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Posted by BayouFann on 12/29 at 2:09 pm to lsutigers1992

Zach Strief

frick that shit! "#64 is checking in as an eligible receiver." Thats is legend!

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Posted by eyeran on 12/29 at 3:44 pm to blueslover
Its always tough seeing those "original" 2006 team players go.

Fujita hurt. Reggie hurt, even though it was the best thing for both sides. It sucks seeing the core of that team dwindle year by year, and those guys will be missed, Shanle included.

I'll hate seeing Devery go as much as anybody. He's spent his entire life playing football here and I hope as Payton continues to grow a real Saints tradition, Devery will be one of those guys that we see around a lot. Like Deuce, for example.

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Posted by blueslover on 12/29 at 3:54 pm to eyeran
There's certainly a special camaraderie for the '09ers. Sharper & Evans on nfl network certainly still talk strongly of "my Saints" even tho both were with other clubs for more years.

Gonna put a thread related

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Posted by eyeran on 12/29 at 4:00 pm to blueslover
Yeah Sharper basically had one productive year here and he's on the sidelines for basically every home game he's not working for NFLN.

I get the feeling Fujita will be back around when he's done playing.

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Posted by blueslover on 12/30 at 3:55 pm to eyeran
one last chance for those who missed




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