This is why we don't shoot nice deer
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re: This is why we don't shoot nice deer
Posted by gatorhata9 on 12/29 at 6:18 am to DownshiftAndFloorIt
But as it has been stated before, it all depends on what kind of property you want. If everyone in on the lease says "it's brown it's down" then that's fine, for the most part as long as you aren't hurting the herd.

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Posted by upgrade on 12/29 at 7:38 am to DownshiftAndFloorIt
I would like to see all bucks wearing their first set of horns walk free.
A one year old buck is the dumbest deer in the woods.
Give him that one year to age, then he will be harder and harder to kill each year after.
As he ages, he will also get bigger each year after. (some more than others)
You may kill some as a 2 year old bucks, but some will live longer.
I don't care about genetics, because I'm not hunting property that will produce record book deer, nor is that my style of hunting.
I believe that 90% of our properties deer can sport antlres similar to those of Slick's latest kill, and I am happy with that.
Every now and then someone kills what we consider a "Wall Hanger" or two a year.
They roam the lease, but they evade us mostly.
It is the style of hunting I am happy with, and our club does this for the most part.

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Posted by Alahunter on 12/29 at 7:39 am to mylsuhat
Does he have a habit of gutshots?

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Posted by LSUCouyon on 12/29 at 9:39 am to Purple Spoon
I wonder also about how many of those monsters are killed within a fence.

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Posted by AlxTgr on 12/29 at 9:43 am to DownshiftAndFloorIt
You don't agree with something so you shite on it. Classic.

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