Does anyone have link to Les Miles LSU hiring press conference?
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Does anyone have link to Les Miles LSU hiring press conference?
Posted by sunderlandsoccer on 12/9 at 11:00 am
tried google but didnt work. thanks

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Posted by Tigerbait337 on 12/9 at 11:04 am to sunderlandsoccer
Yeah but you're a horrible poster and a douche at life

So I'm not linking it in this thread

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Posted by cas4t on 12/9 at 11:06 am to Tigerbait337

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Posted by SouljaBreauxTellEm on 12/9 at 11:07 am to sunderlandsoccer

LSU Head Coach Nick Saban hired by Miami Dolphins Speculation on who will be the next Head Coach at LSU Auburn's Tommy Tuberville to LSU? Arkansas's Houston Nutt denies contact from LSU Auburn's Tommy Tuberville insists he's staying at Auburn - will not coach LSU Louisville's Bobby Petrino will interview at LSU for Head Coach position Butch Davis out as candidate at LSU Les Miles interviewed by LSU? - reports of a phone interview yesterday 12/28/2004 - Bobby Petrino has confirmed that he had a preliminary interview with LSU in Nashville on Sunday, but has not been offered the head coach position. 12/28/2004 - After interviewing Bobby Petrino, LSU has received permission to interview Arkansas Razorbacks Head Coach Houston Nutt. --Kevin Donahue 12/29/2004 - Arkansas Head Coach Houston Nutt has removed his name from the LSU coaching search. Nutt acknowledged that he spoke with LSU briefly, but indicated that he is happy to be staying at Arkansas. Nutt makes $1.5 million as the Razorbacks head coach. You would have to think that Petrino is still the number one, despite his love 'em and leave 'em history. Meanwhile, Oklahoma State Head Coach Les Miles has met with an LSU representative, despite Oklahoma State denying LSU permission to interview Miles. Since Miles contract does not require the university's OK for him to interview, LSU is proceeding with Miles consent. Miles has a one year buyout clause in his contract, or approximately $1-1.5 million. The fact that Miles is (apparently) moving forward with LSU despite OSU denying permission signals that he is very interested in hearing what the Tigers have to say. --Kevin Donahue 12/31/2004 - LSU played the race card yesterday, in announcing that they had interviewed Tigers receivers coach Bobby Williams for the team's head coaching position. Previous to sitting with Williams, who is an African-American, LSU would only comment on coaching candidates after they had publicly confirmed their interviews (Petrino & Nutt). LSU also interviewed former Texas A&M head coach RC Slocum, but that's being characterized as more of a courtesy interview than an indication that Slocum is a strong candidate. The Tigers seem to be very anxious to interview Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio, but have not had formal contact with Del Rio or his agent. NFL coaches cannot interview for other jobs until after the NFL season ends this Sunday. -- Kevin Donahue

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Posted by SouljaBreauxTellEm on 12/9 at 11:09 am to SouljaBreauxTellEm

UPDATE 12/31/04 by Dave Frey ESPN Radio reported around lunchtime today (sorry, no weblink yet) that Petrino's agent is categorically denying rumors of an offer by LSU. This would appear to be an effort at damage control, as Petrino has SERIOUSLY pissed off Louisville's fans and administration with the LSU flirtation after signing his new contract. In fact, there's even an article suggesting that if he doesn't get the LSU job Louisville may fire him anyway. This guy has a way of stirring up ill will; not sure we want him in Tigerland. My best guess (and that's all it is) now is that Ferentz and Miles are the leading candidates, with Ferentz being preferable but Miles being more attainable. LSU probably won't make an announcement until mid next week, after they've talked to Del Rio (and if you believe the message board rumors, Gruden. Ha!). Of course, if they could get agreement from Ferentz, an announcement could come sooner, but I see this as unlikely as of now. (Boy, how much would Iowa hate LSU if we beat them in the bowl and stole their hotshot coach?) The downside of Ferentz for LSU is, of course, that like Saban, he's going to be on the short list for every NFL opening. This Tiger fan is willing to live with that if we keep winning, but many are not. More later.

Haha frick Petrino

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Posted by SouljaBreauxTellEm on 12/9 at 11:12 am to SouljaBreauxTellEm

mouse said: posted on January 2, 2005 11:04 AM — — link — abuse? Like Saban, the benefit to Miles will be no other school to really compete against in the state for recruits. He'll have a better group of athletes at LSU vs. OSU to work it'll be a much better coaching situation for him. I hope he doesn't begin a coaching caravan out of OSU...we need top notch coordinators to compete in the SEC. On another note, DandyDon says Miles had expressed interest to coach UofM one day...I had really hoped we could land a coach that would stay here 10 to 20 yrs.

good shit

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Posted by SouljaBreauxTellEm on 12/9 at 11:13 am to SouljaBreauxTellEm

Spurrier himself said he was not interested in the LSU job. I wonder how bad Bobby Petrino flunked the second interview, he seems like a better candidate than Miles. Jeff said: posted on January 2, 2005 2:17 PM — — link — abuse? They probably asked Petrino to define loyalty.


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Posted by SouljaBreauxTellEm on 12/9 at 11:13 am to SouljaBreauxTellEm

dave frey said: posted on January 2, 2005 7:03 PM — — link — abuse? "Face it -- Nick Saban and Wayne H. screwed us. If the Saban deal would have went down earlier, we might have had a better chance of hiring a top tier coach." We were screwed by the timing of the Dolphins negotiation and hiring, but certainly not deliberately. Surely you don't think Saban had some sinister plan to leave LSU in a bad situation for hiring his replacement? That's nonsense. Say what you will about him, but he does love LSU and wants the school to continue to build on what he started. (Please don't give me any of that juvenile "if he loved LSU he would've stayed" bull shite. it's really lame.) "My next concern is the AD--Skip Bertman. I think he is looking out himself. What an IDIOT for not putting anything in Nicks contract about keeping him put for several years." If Bertman is looking out for himself, then it is in his best interest to hire the best possible candidate for the job and keep LSU winning. Otherwise he looks bad. And LSU TRIED to put buyouts and other provisions to keep Saban, and he wouldn't have any part of it. He knew he wasn't staying here. But honestly, do you really want to hold a guy hostage via contract if he's ready to move on? I know I don't want an employee on my staff that doesn't really want to be there any more, nor would I hold an employee back from the opportunity of a lifetime if it came along.

Ah hellzz yes

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Posted by SouljaBreauxTellEm on 12/9 at 11:14 am to SouljaBreauxTellEm

Phantom Loup Garou said: posted on January 2, 2005 7:53 PM — — link — abuse? I'm down with Miles. He's taken a number 2 school in OK and made good. That's like making Tulane into a contender. There are a large number of similarities b/w he and St. Nick ... so give the man (if he's offered and he accepts) a chance. What concerns me most is our defense. I'm not sure if he's a defensive minded coach. I'd love to see him keep Muschamp - that guy is a recruiter and has learned at the knee of St. Nick for the past few years. Keeping Muschamp is the key to LSU's future success.

shite yes son!

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Posted by SouljaBreauxTellEm on 12/9 at 11:15 am to SouljaBreauxTellEm


YukonCowboy said: posted on January 2, 2005 8:55 PM — — link — abuse? It's mind boggling to me that after watching the second half of the Texas/OSU game, the Texas Tech/OSU Game and the Alamo Bowl that LSU would hire Miles? OSU may not have the depth of LSU, OU or Texas but many of their starters were heavily recruited by all of the above and have underachieved under Miles! XLK, Brad Girtman, Walter Thomas to name a few highly sought after who have done nothing at OSU. Donovan Woods showed what he can do when Miles isn't forcing him to hand the ball off 3 times in a row and punt and Vernand Morency is as good as any back in the country. Anyone who watched OSU rip Texas apart 35-7 in the first half only to come out and have the coaching staff run three runs off tackle and punt 10 series in a row while Texas scored 49 unanswered points........Then the Texas Tech game and the Alamo Bowl. Two of the worst games ever with regards to play calling. The only game this past year that Woods was allowed to open it up and become somewhat unpredictable was against OU. A game the Sooners were fortunate to win 38-35 thanks to a dropped pass off the fingertips of Prentiss Elliot at the 5 yard line that would have provided the winning margin for the Cowboys with less than a minute left. That's right, OU, the team getting ready to hand it to USC Tuesday night! In fact if there's one thing I will give him credit for it's that he recruited much better players than before he arrived. I'm just not impressed with what he did with them after they got there. Good Luck may need it! I heard you're getting Bill Clay too! Don't be cursing us next year halfway through the season and in return I'll try not to say I told you so!

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Posted by SouljaBreauxTellEm on 12/9 at 11:17 am to SouljaBreauxTellEm

YukonCowboy said: posted on January 2, 2005 9:48 PM — — link — abuse? Yeah, I know Bill Clay had some success at UAB or wherever it was but he seems to be stuck on the 4-2-5 scheme instead of using what best fits the players and the talent. Maybe with more talent he'll fare better?? I've set next to Coach Miles and his family at the OSU Final Four pep rally this past year. You couldn't possibly ask for a nicer person or better family man. I'm sure he will give LSU 100% and maybe he'll be successful. I just wasn't impressed with the play calling this year at all. If it turns out the plays were exclusively being called by Mike Gundy then heaven help OSU next year because that's who we're getting. But if Les was pulling the strings I know most Cowboy Alumns were pretty disappointed in what "might have been" had our guys been put in a better position to win. Good luck to you! I hope he does well. I'll probably root for LSU if Miles is there, unless of course it's against us.

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Posted by SouljaBreauxTellEm on 12/9 at 11:18 am to SouljaBreauxTellEm
smart man


davey said: posted on January 3, 2005 6:39 PM — — link — abuse? Congrats to Skip, Les Miles was the best choice "available". Major college experience, NFL experience, success in both, clean program, strong in academics, family man, no baggage, asst. coaches want to follow him, Texas recruiting inroads, etc. Hopefully no more Jimbo playcalling. We gotta wonder about our previous talent evaluation: how did Clausen and Lefors get away???

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Posted by stapuffmarshy on 12/9 at 11:19 am to sunderlandsoccer
I've read Skip's comments many times and have put it on this board many times:

It came down to Petrino and Miles. Petrino gave Skip and the board the creeps. No one was comfortable with him. miles on the other hand fit what they wanted and in the end wasn't close

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Posted by SouljaBreauxTellEm on 12/9 at 11:20 am to stapuffmarshy
So freaking thankful.

Absolutely cannot stand Petrino. He has always been known to have loyalty issues.. even before the Atlanta job.

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Posted by stapuffmarshy on 12/9 at 11:23 am to SouljaBreauxTellEm

He has always been known to have loyalty issues.. even before the Atlanta job.

no shit

bobby had two other jobs already when skip talked about the behind the scenes stuff

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Posted by Lonnie4LSU on 12/9 at 11:35 am to stapuffmarshy

Petrino gave Skip and the board the creeps.

And now we know why!

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Posted by dgnx6 on 12/9 at 11:41 am to Lonnie4LSU
Petrino may be a good xs and os coach, but he woudnt have been a good hire. No guarantee he would even be at LSU today. I think Stability at the top is something LSU had been missing for a long time and we finally have that. In miles tenure petrino will have had at least 3 diff jobs, Atl, Ark and his next one.

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Posted by sunnydaze on 12/9 at 12:11 pm to sunderlandsoccer
I'm sure Choctaw has it

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Posted by 1999 on 12/9 at 12:16 pm to sunderlandsoccer
05, 06, and 07 teams would have been amazing with petrino. after that things probably would have gotten cloudy.

we wanted jdr bad. i think we would have hired him if the shite with the jags hadn't of happened.

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Posted by Lonnie4LSU on 12/9 at 1:31 pm to dgnx6

and his next one.

That's gonna be awhile unless he drops down to a mid-major or less. imo

Lying to your boss, the police, your fans, and just bout everyone else makes a coach a hard sell no matter his results.

Like Les or not, but it's pretty freaking sweet to have a guy with his results and be able to like him too.

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