5 Star LB Decomits from Auburn. Considers LSU
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re: 5 Star LB Decomits from Auburn. Considers LSU
Posted by Patrick_Bateman on 12/9 at 2:53 pm to tgr4ever


That's funny. A couple weeks ago everyone said he was 100% Auburn, and there was no chance of him decommitting, regardless of which AU coaches were fired.

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Posted by lsufanva on 12/9 at 3:09 pm to Foolish cock

Trooper Taylor is the shaddiest reature in cfb

He's got some major competition for this designation. He's up there for sure but I'm not ready to give him the title just yet. Some of his competitors:

Urban Meyer-uses God and dreams to con kids along with being more than willing to pony up

Mike Locksley(Maryland assistant)- everyone knows he's dirty but yet no one does anything about it. He's the Maryland/DC version of Trooper.

Ed Orgeron-great at what he does but he'd eat his young to get a recruit.

Eddie Gran-kills with kindness but at the same time uses extremely questionable tactics to discount other schools

Dameyune Craig-uses the most controversial aspect of recruiting on a regular basis, race. Also not hesitant to guarantee "extras"

Nick Saban- this guy has the whole nation fricked up about how he works. Have been through his tactics at LSU and his current tactics at Bama and he's as good, intelligent and imaginitive a scheister as there is in recruiting. His success helps a ton but when that extra edge is needed, he has the trump card in his pocket. Searches and finds the weak link in any recruitment and pounces on it. Doesn't always work(neither does anyone else's tactics) but it's very effective.

I'm sure we have our own version somewhere on the staff. Maybe not as bad as these guys but recruiting these days requires some con men on the staff

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Posted by bryankroy on 12/9 at 4:38 pm to lsufanva
Just making a prediction based on my gut, his multiple visits to LSU, the copeland connection and it pretty much now coming down to 2 schools (LSU & GA) and GA having 2 4* LBs committed..... I think he'll commit to LSU a couple days after the bowl game. And wouldn't be surprised if he's an UV for the game.

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Posted by jray on 12/9 at 7:05 pm to BayouCowboy
man up if its racial its racial who gives a shite tell it like it is dont back track stop worrying about the political correctness.

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Posted by smash williams on 12/9 at 11:38 pm to jray
I can't understand why some people are so quick to judge a teenager because of a connection he has with an assistant coach. There are other factors involved in recruiting besides football, for example...trust.

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Posted by oldschoolgreats on 12/10 at 6:04 am to smash williams
don't see why everyone thinks trooper is so dirty. isn't he doing what auburn coaches or boosters want him to do. he could provide benefits without the help of others. not saying he doesn't have a bad side but it seems like its what auburn wants and accepts.

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Posted by Gravitiger on 12/10 at 8:43 am to oldschoolgreats
It's been his reputation everywhere he's been. The reason teams hire him is because of what he is willing to do on recruiting trail.

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Posted by tiga-p-cola on 12/10 at 10:00 am to BayouCowboy
Bama dont want him with the Auburn Tat...

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Posted by PeaRidgeWatash on 12/10 at 4:02 pm to BayouCowboy
Are you being serious? Holy frick...

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Posted by Big Kat on 12/10 at 5:51 pm to PeaRidgeWatash
The A&M 247 says he's taking a visit to College Station. His teammate is already committed to us. And Shaq Wiggins was supposed to be visiting also.

I have no idea what to expect with Foster

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Posted by tigerpimpbot on 12/10 at 7:01 pm to Foolish cock

Trooper Taylor is the shaddiest creature in cfb.

He might end up at Western Kentucky

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