Texas de Brazil
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Texas de Brazil
Posted by dualed on 12/7 at 11:49 pm
Just had it for the second time and I've gotta say it was good, but underwhelming. Having gone through the experience once I didn't find it as interesting this go round. Service was excellent and food was great but still left feeling meh. Thoughts?

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Posted by Matisyeezy on 12/7 at 11:55 pm to dualed
If the service and food were both good, I don't understand why it only rates a “meh." Can you maybe explain a little better? What part specifically was underwhelming?

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Posted by Mizzeaux on 12/8 at 12:12 am to dualed
Place is awesome. Great stuff on the salad bar, if you're in to that thing. Cheese filled bread is awesome. Meat is amazing.

It's really good when you sign up for the email club. They'll send you a coupon for a free meal on Birthday and Wedding Anniversary. Makes everything taste better.

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Posted by BottomlandBrew on 12/8 at 12:49 am to dualed
I really enjoyed the food there, but truth be told I have had bad diarrhea both times I've had it. Maybe that's TMI, but whatever.

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Posted by dualed on 12/8 at 1:30 am to Matisyeezy
Like the first time I went it was exciting and interesting having everyone come up to the table with different cuts of meat but this time I wasn't like a kid in a candy shop. I had the coupon too. Idk, hard to explain I guess lol

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Posted by Matisyeezy on 12/8 at 3:04 am to dualed
Was the last time your first experience at a Brazilian steakhouse? The mystique must have worn off for you. IMO, if you go there for the novelty it's a one-shot kinda thing. If you appreciate it for what it is and don't expect more than that you'll never be disappointed.

...I guess that could be said for virtually every restaurant ever

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Posted by Jambo on 12/8 at 6:22 am to Matisyeezy
TDB is freakin awesome. The little parm rolls, the lobster bisque, the BACON, and the sauteed portabellos are all great, right before more meat.
Man oh Man, I love that place.

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Posted by 20MuleTeam on 12/8 at 7:47 am to dualed
Very overrated good place to with a large group of friends or couples as you can get loud and eat decent food at a fair price but not much better than outback in terms of quality. Usually they have a decent lounge and wine list tjough

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Posted by Sl4m on 12/8 at 10:30 am to 20MuleTeam
It was incredible last year but the GF & I have found that the quality has gone down a lot, very unfortunate.

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