WSM or Kamado style
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WSM or Kamado style
Posted by RunningBlake on 12/7 at 10:14 pm
I have a Weber Genesis (and love it!) but I am bored with it alone. I want a smoker.

My choices are WSM, Chargriller Kamado, and Kamado Joe.

What say you?

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Posted by Big_Al_316 on 12/7 at 10:23 pm to RunningBlake
My chargriller kamado was delivered today. Amazon for $298 with free shipping. Been looking at it a while. Hope it performs like I expect

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Posted by RunningBlake on 12/7 at 10:29 pm to Big_Al_316
This is what I am thinking. If a kamado style is that good, then I can upgrade later. Mancavemeals youtube have been really good.

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Posted by Lambdatiger1989 on 12/7 at 10:39 pm to RunningBlake
I have the Kamado Joe, I will never have to buy bother pit again

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Posted by Rbama13 on 12/7 at 11:04 pm to Lambdatiger1989
I have the WSM and I would personally get the Kamado Joe. I have enjoyed my WSM but the clean up sucks. The water pan is disgusting to clean out after every smoke, even though I line it with heavy duty aluminum foil it is still some clean up. It also does not hold temp like a Kamado and you are going to be burning way more coal. I have been using my Weber Kettle with a Pitmaster iQ hooked up to help control temp and it is better than the WSM.

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Posted by Politiceaux on 12/7 at 11:54 pm to RunningBlake
If I were going with a regular Kamado, I'd go with a Grill Dome. I have a Primo XL and could not be more pleased.

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Posted by gmrkr5 on 12/8 at 8:18 am to RunningBlake
If you want a true smoker get the WSM. I have a BGE and use it as a smoker all the time but its not worth the price if you want to use it only as a smoker.

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Posted by lacajun069 on 12/8 at 9:35 am to gmrkr5
I have a 22-1/2"WSM and I love it.I have made plenty of great successful smokes on it. It is a smoker especially when paired with a controller like my Digi Q wifi unit.

I have thought about tryoing a Kamando style ceramic style grill but never got around to it. I do want to step up to a Pit Makers of Texas
safe or vault in the future.

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Posted by Idoknowjack on 12/8 at 11:06 am to lacajun069
If you have the money to make a lifetime grilling and smoking investment. Kamado Joe would be my call. Have mine for over 2 years now. Egg, Primo, Gill Dome are nice as well. KJ from the research I did was just a much better bang for the buck. It was 20% less expensive than the Egg for the same set up. KJ has a new larger cooker now which looks really nice.

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Posted by RunningBlake on 12/8 at 12:57 pm to Idoknowjack

Egg, Primo, Gill Dome

Seems like these three nickel and dime you.
A damn cart cost at least $200.

And the other must have accessories appear to be higher than Kamado Joe as well.

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