My 5-round Mock Draft...
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My 5-round Mock Draft...
Posted by seibert23 on 12/7 at 7:15 am
All descriptions are from The rankings of Walterfootball and these are the picks I feel of importance going into 2013 draft, let me know what y'all think!!
1st Rd:
Xavier Rhodes*, CB, Florida State
Height: 6-2. Weight: 215.
Projected 40 Time: 4.44.
Projected Round (2013): Top 20.
11/10/12: Rhodes passed what will likely be his biggest test of the season against Clemson. The redshirt junior didn't play a lights-out game in coverage against the Tigers' dynamic duo, Watkins and Hopkins, but he was solid and kept either of them from big plays when he went against them in man coverage.

Florida State mixed in zone and man assignments, so Rhodes did not have to go against Sammy Watkins and DeAndre Hopkins exclusively in man coverage. Hopkins had 88 yards on five receptions, but 60 came on one touchdown reception against zone coverage where the safety failed to pick him up running down the field. Watkins had 24 yards on six receptions. Rhodes finished with three tackles and a pass breakup against Clemson.

Rhodes has totaled 25 tackles with six passes broken up and two interceptions this season, but teams have mostly avoided him.

9/1/12: Rhodes was consistent as a cover corner last year, so teams threw away from him. The sophomore had 43 tackles with an interception and four passes broken up.

Rhodes had an interesting conclusion to 2011. He was matched up against Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd and put together a phenomenal tape for NFL evaluators.

While providing blanket coverage against Floyd, one of the best receivers in the nation, Rhodes went down in a multi-player collision in the second half. He sustained a knee strain and was held out of the end of the game. Prior to Rhodes' injury, Floyd had only three catches for 22 yards.

Rhodes made an immediate impact for Florida State breaking into the lineup as a redshirt freshman. He recorded 58 tackles, four interceptions and 12 passes broken up, along with being named the ACC Defensive Rookie of the Year.

Rhodes is a big cornerback who is very physical with receivers. He does a good job in press man coverage. Off the snap, Rhodes limits the release with a strong jam and rerouting skills. He has the speed and athletic ability to run with receivers after the jam.

Against Floyd, Rhodes showed the ability to match up with an elite receiver. Floyd couldn't beat Rhodes with speed or size. He is a good run defender who is capable of putting on some nice hits on ball-carriers.

2nd Rd(lucky if we get it back):
Ezekiel Ansah, DE, BYU
Height: 6-6. Weight: 270.
Projected 40 Time: 4.69.
Projected Round (2013): 1-2.
11/17/12: Many are raving about the potential of Ansah. The senior has totaled 47 tackles, 12 tackles for a loss, four sacks and six passes broken up in 2012. He has exploded on the season after making a grand total of 10 tackles as a junior and sophomore.

There is no doubt that Ansah has a great combination of size and speed. He could be this year's version of Chandler Jones or Jason Pierre-Paul; players with little college production but great athletes who go in the first round of the draft.

3rd Rd:
Marcus Davis, WR, Virginia Tech
Height: 6-4. Weight: 232.
Projected 40 Time: 4.45.
Projected Round (2013): 2-3.
11/10/12: Davis is a big wide out who has some speed and explosiveness. He is the Hokies No. 1 receiver in 2012 and would have even more production if quarterback Logan Thomas wasn't struggling with his accuracy. Davis has 36 receptions for 686 yards and four touchdowns this season.

Davis was a backup to Danny Coale and Jarrett Boykin over the past few years. Davis had 30 catches for 510 yards and five touchdowns last season. He had 19 receptions for 239 yards and two touchdowns in 2010 as a sophomore.

4th Rd:
Duke Williams, S, Nevada
Height: 6-1. Weight: 200.
Projected 40 Time: 4.56.
Projected Round (2013): 2-4.
11/10/12: Williams has played well halfway through the season. He's totaled 74 tackles with four tackles for a loss, seven passes broken up and two forced fumbles.

Last year Williams had 83 tackles for 4.5 tackles for a loss, six passes broken up and one interception. In 2010 as a sophomore Williams totaled 74 tackles, 4.5 tackles for a loss, four passes broken up, two forced fumbles and two interceptions.

5th Rd:
Cameron Lawrence, OLB, Mississippi State
Height: 6-3. Weight: 230.
Projected 40 Time: 4.70.
Projected Round (2013): 4-6.
11/17/12: Lawrence has 87 tackles, seven tackles for a loss, three passes broken up and four sacks this year. He had double-digit tackle totals against Auburn, Troy and Tennessee.

8/29/12: Lawrence was second in the SEC in tackles in 2011 with 123 total stops. He also had six tackles for a loss, two sacks and two interceptions. Lawrence is high-effort player who could be a solid depth linebacker and special teams performer in the NFL.

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Posted by Breesus on 12/7 at 8:14 am to seibert23
1st round CB, No OT, no way

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Posted by SouljaBreauxTellEm on 12/7 at 8:16 am to Breesus
No thanks. No CB early.

Already done the FSU cornerback first round thing.

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Posted by whodatfan on 12/7 at 8:17 am to seibert23

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Posted by Cajun Invasion on 12/7 at 8:20 am to seibert23
Id rather see a DE in the 1st and a OT with the next pick imo.

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Posted by NS Who Dat Nation on 12/7 at 8:24 am to seibert23
I appreciate the effort put on this, but I just dont see us taking CB early. We actually had this talk yesterday on here and we all agree the front is where we need to spend most of our resources. Especially at DT and DE.

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Posted by xxKylexx on 12/7 at 8:28 am to seibert23
We don't have a 2nd round pick

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Posted by Brettesaurus Rex on 12/7 at 8:31 am to seibert23
Sorry but I dislike your draft very much

I'd be pretty disappointed if that's how it turned out

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Posted by blueslover on 12/7 at 8:55 am to seibert23
as one of the resident mockers around here it leads me to think you must be into the draft if you make that your first post. So welcome aboard. You'll find it a welcoming bunch as long as you don't get too belligerent with any goofball takes.

As to mocking, first we're still a few games away from zeroing in on the pick position. As stands now it is at 12. For the final 4 games I expect 4-0 at best and 2-2 at worst. At 7-9 to 9-7 (barring a SB run to #31 or 32) you get to the area where a bunch of teams finish record-wise (parity). The past 3 years 7 to 9 win teams would average out at pick #16-17. So first, as of now I would use 16-17 as the projected spot.

Rhodes is the 2nd ranked CB on some boards and more commonly the #3 CB. You may correct in pushing him up to mid 1st Rd but it certainly is a reach by consensus standards. Even the Walter reference you use has him at #36 in the 2nd Rd.

The Saints are one of the steadiest BPA teams in the NFL. I don't see this reach. Milliner is the consensus #1 CB and could be a top 10 pick. He would be a can't pass on talent at 16-17 but at this point that is highly improbable. Ranked consistently higher than Rhodes is Johnthan Banks MsSt. He does look a player that might fall into the Saints draft range. Put him down instead of Rhodes and you get a lot more realistic IMO.

For them to take any corner means that there is no LB, DL, or OT ranked higher on their board. When examining the stock at those positions I think that is doubtful. It's too early to mock so definitely yet for me. At a #16-17 projection I would put these names into my watchlist of the possibility pool-

Finishing more towards the current #12 spot they might have a shot at the #3 or 4 pass rusher taken out of Werner, Mingo, Montgomery, or Moore. Any of those might be the pass rusher extraordinaire we have wanted.

#12-16 they could have a shot at the second to fourth LT out of Lewan, Matthews, or Fisher. Until we see what plays out with Bushrod UFA this possibility is fluid.

If the pick goes more to the #16-23 range (9-7 last year) then they could have shot at the first 4-3 OLB taken. I have Mosley clearcut top for that. He isn't a surefire declarer for the draft yet tho. After him I dunno if there is another LB who might justify the pick range.

The DT that fits the mid 1st range to me is John Jenkins GA. Richardson Mizzou is a talent but his draft stock is still up in the air sorting out how much of a head case he might be.

You might enjoy this thread where we started some draft talk. And another on the 3rd rd

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Posted by Hugo Stiglitz on 12/7 at 8:57 am to seibert23
Nice first post.

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Posted by Hazelnut on 12/7 at 9:04 am to seibert23
Why does everyone see WR as a top 5 need? I know we've had a little trouble there this year but they're starting to play better plus we'll have Nick Toon next year.

ETA: Welcome

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Posted by blueslover on 12/7 at 9:15 am to Hazelnut

Why does everyone see WR as a top 5 need?

I don't think everyone does. There's only one WR that looks to be in the Saints 1st Rd range (Allen). They don't pick him even if available IMO.

Later rounds it could happen if it is a strong BPA. Davis also looks like a reach in the 3rd Rd. If 3rd Rd is in the mid 60s pick range Hunter TN or Hopkins Clem might be can't pass on talents there.

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Posted by Hazelnut on 12/7 at 9:20 am to blueslover
I understand there may be some mid-round cant pass up WRs but I've seen lists on here of our top 5 or so needs and people always seem to list WR. I'm just trying to understand why.

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Posted by JazzyJeff on 12/7 at 9:26 am to Breesus
A first round CB? The first three picks should go DL and LB.

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Posted by blueslover on 12/7 at 9:38 am to Hazelnut

people always seem to list WR

It can easily happen later when it comes to BPA. I'm fully convinced that's why we have Toon. He was 2nr Rd on talent but the injury issues knocked him down. Certainly he could prove to be another big score from the 4th Rd IF he can stay healthy. A big if.

Devery ain't getting younger. Morgan might end up solid but at this point is just a role player. Colston will be 30 next year. I'd like to see a speedster added to the mix if one came along BPA. I mocked Clyde Gates in 2011 and Chris Givens (the WF one) last year to the Saints as mid round types.

Need ranking scale now to me would be:

10- pass rushing DE
6- playmaking OLB

after that it gets purer BPA and we have to see how free agency sorts out.

Prolly the biggest unknown is LT. It could be re-sign the Bushdog, bring in a different veteran, or could it be a 1st Rd plug n play guy.

Of course DE & LB would also change drastically if they signed Osi, Avril, Michael Johnson, or Shaun Phillips types.

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Posted by seibert23 on 12/7 at 9:55 am to Hazelnut
First off thanks for all the "Welcomes" and i appreciate the simple "no" and "no way"'s from yalls replies instead of the bashing ive seen.
The reason i went with Xavier Rhodes(FSU) 1st rd. is too many times i have seen Greer get man-handled at the line then burnt on the edges. This not a knock on Greer bc hes had much sucess with us but we've got be more physical and bigger on our corners. I understand "Predator" has given up some plays here n there but most of the time his opp. has to work to get open. With an improved pass rush from ANSAH(BYU)or WERNER(FSU) he will only get better.

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Posted by blueslover on 12/7 at 10:12 am to seibert23
Is Predator the nickname of Rhodes? Are you calling Greer predator? I cannot decipher. You do know the original Saints Predator I presume.

Forwarding a returned 2nd Rd pick as happening is a huge leap IMO. It could but until it happens it is nothing to count on much less try to figure.

No feedback to my initial response to your mock?

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Posted by gjackx on 12/7 at 10:27 am to Hazelnut

people always seem to list WR

If the value is there, I have no problem against taking one. We miss Robert Meachem and if he could be replaced, that would be dandy. HOWEVER, Defense and O-line really need to be addressed first.

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Posted by SouljaBreauxTellEm on 12/7 at 10:29 am to seibert23
I simply said no thanks.

If the QB is getting his lunch ate up by the new and improved D-line maybe the cbs won't being get torched so bad either.

I am also desperately wanting an OLB in the 1st.

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Posted by seibert23 on 12/7 at 10:32 am to blueslover
"Predator" meaning P. Robinson.
The reason I'm choosing Rhodes over Werner is bc there is no way Werner makes it past pick12 IMO, but beleive me I hope I'm wrong. Therefore since we missed out on Werner, we need someone who is going to help eliminate big plays in the secondary. I also noticed alot of ppl want to take a DT in first round but I beleive the rise of Hicks, the abliltity to take on dble teams from Bunkley, and the disruption from Tom Johnson should warrant the fact were getting better against the run. Also, instead of taking OL in 1st rd. why not act. See what Andrew Tiller and Marcel Jones have to offer.

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