Osso Bucco pointers
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re: Osso Bucco pointers
Posted by Neauxla on 12/7 at 11:44 am to Powerman
I've never done osso bucco but i would cook it the same way I do short ribs and lamb shanks.

Season liberally w/ salt and pepper.
sear it well.
remove and caramelize a LOT of onion
add some fresh garlic
delgaze with white wine
add beef stock (or bouillon) and about 2-3 tablespoons of marinara
add my carrots and celery and make sure the liquid is halfway up the meat. Put it in the oven at 275 and cook until tender. Flipping the meat occasionally.

ETA: I usually cook mine covered for the majority of the time and remove the top for the last 30-60 minutes.

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Posted by Rbama13 on 12/7 at 4:27 pm to Aubie Spr96
When doing Osso Bucco I use Mario Batali's recipe. It's very simple, you basically sear your Veal Bone In Shanks, add 2 Cups Homemade Marinara-Tomato Sauce, 1 Cup Beef Stock and 1 Cup Marsala Wine.

After searing Veal Shanks in Dutch Oven Braise it in the the above liquids on 300 Degrees for at least 2 or more hours, with Lid on Dutch Oven. Serve with Saffron Rissotto. It is so freaking good!!

It you want the specs on the recipe I will post it for you.

P.S.- Please post pics! Veal shanks ain't cheap but they are awesome!!

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Posted by Powerman on 12/7 at 4:38 pm to Rbama13
I feel pressured to post awesome pics now

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Posted by ruzil on 12/7 at 6:09 pm to Martini
Hey Martini,

I caught a little of Fitzmorris' show today and they got on the subject of pressed duck. Chef Andrea happened to do his commercial right after that call. Andrea has a duck press and said that he would do a pressed duck if requested.

I don't know how you feel about this place but.............

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Posted by CC on 12/7 at 6:49 pm to Powerman
I use a cup of Cab for the wine and beef stock to cover. Make sure you sear the shanks before braising.

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Posted by Tbobby on 12/7 at 8:00 pm to Powerman
Go easy on the wine. It can make everything taste too fruity. Use more stock or beer and just a splash of wine or sherry.

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Posted by Martini on 12/7 at 8:10 pm to ruzil
Well I'm not sure what this post means.

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Posted by fatboydave on 12/7 at 11:03 pm to Martini
Used to pick up veal shanks from Dorignacs and cook in the oven in red "gravy"

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Posted by GusMcRae on 12/7 at 11:17 pm to Powerman
I don't know... I have made good ones, but never really achieved the mind-blowing levels of some that I've had in great restaurants.

For me, I think that the exceptional ones I have had, involved a demi-glace, which I have never made.

I had a friend who was a chef at a restaurant in Laffy named Spazio Tratorria, which had a ridiculous Osso Bucco w/ Demi-Glace. He said that it took 24 - 48 hours to make the demi-glace. It involves roasting beef/veal bones (dry) on a baking sheet, and deglazing the baking sheet, etc., etc. Stock, reducing, butter, reducing, wine, reducing... you get the picture.

Needless to say, I have never committed to that kind of effort when I made osso bucco, but OMG.

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Posted by ruzil on 12/7 at 11:43 pm to Martini
I may be mistaken, but I thought you had posted previously about pressed duck and looking for a press or a restaurant that does pressed duck.

If not, please ignore.

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Posted by Dandy Lion on 12/8 at 12:07 am to Powerman

What are the keys I should be looking for here?

Buy some Osso Bucco, instead of veal shanks.

ETA saw your pic, that´s Osso Bucco.

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Posted by Martini on 12/8 at 6:53 am to Dandy Lion
Osso Bucco is veal shank.

Wasn't me on the pressed duck and as entertaining as Chef Andrea is I'd be hard pressed to let him make that dish for me.

Power man did you start on it?

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Posted by Powerman on 12/8 at 8:44 am to Martini
Haven't started yet. Probably tomorrow

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Posted by Y.A. Tittle on 12/8 at 8:52 am to ruzil
I thought Antoine's had the only duck press in town.

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Posted by Martini on 12/8 at 10:19 am to Y.A. Tittle
Not sure. Do they do it table side? That is a very old school dish.

Keep us updated on the osso bucco. Just watch the background when you post pics. You know the drill.

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Posted by Powerman on 12/9 at 9:44 pm to Martini
So I took pics as requested. I'll post in a few minutes.

Couple notes:

1. I didn't tie them up so total fail on my part because they tend to come apart a bit. Not really a big deal as far as taste goes but not great for serving and/or presentation if you have guests.

2. Total fail #2 -Fortunately it's only a photo fail but when I plated to take a pic of the finished product, I didn't get one with the bone in :( This is due to me letting it fall apart as aforementioned.

Also thanks to OTIS on some of the tips on the risotto. I decided to do a really simple risotto this go round.

I'll post photos in the next post which might take me a few minute to compose.

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Posted by Neauxla on 12/9 at 9:47 pm to Powerman
I'll be waiting for those photos.

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Posted by KosmoCramer on 12/9 at 9:52 pm to Neauxla
I love food board pictures... :waitingtodrool:

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Posted by Powerman on 12/9 at 10:02 pm to Neauxla
Started browning some shanks in EVOO
Image: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-qgU8J_LD0Xc/UMVbgvCprTI/AAAAAAAAHOk/Pk2k7LU4JaQ/w603-h340-p-k/IMAG0414.jpg

Aromatics in after I was finished browning.
Image: https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-eIK-McwypFM/UMVbgrGe0SI/AAAAAAAAHOk/WxbtcLT_nPE/s903/IMAG0415.jpg

Yeah, I let the pan get a little too hot and some scorching going on because I was about to de-glaze anyway.

Image: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-ls5qphridE0/UMVbgjdhYuI/AAAAAAAAHOk/wxmnTYtucGs/s903/IMAG0416.jpg

Just deglazed with some cab. Got this stuff on sale, 2 bottles for 10 dollars at the grocery store. Actually a pretty smooth tasting cab for such a cheap arse screw top. Enjoying my last glass of it right now.
Image: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-WGO1k3bOmO8/UMVbgnkKkVI/AAAAAAAAHOk/QLPI8JNqphc/s553/IMAG0431.jpg

Forgot to mention that I added a little bit of flour to thicken up the mirepoix/sauce :)

Image: https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-ZIWDAe4Q7ZI/UMVbgpN6BnI/AAAAAAAAHOk/33kIZjiRzb8/s903/IMAG0423.jpg

Shanks back in the dutch oven before I put it in the oven.

And up next is the total fail of it all falling apart and me not getting one of the bones on the plate. I quickly ran back after and grabbed a bone :)
Image: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-wfc3CRA-7Cc/UMVbgrPY4oI/AAAAAAAAHOk/Xi0_NsrmCC8/s903/IMAG0433.jpg

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Posted by glassman on 12/9 at 10:18 pm to Powerman
Good job PMan. Looks great.

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