Lets talk 10 ga.
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Lets talk 10 ga.
Posted by LouisianaChessie on 11/19 at 12:23 am
I have a couple of 12s and for the sake of not getting off subject lets just say I have one of the few extremely reliable pumps often discussed and one of the very high end semis that are available right now. I have contemplated buying a 10ga for multiple reasons:

1. I dont have one
2. They seem to be ballistically superior.
3. They are fading in popularity and would like to own one before they are impossible to find.

I know the new non-toxic shells are bridging the gap and I have a patternmaster code black goose in my semi auto that also equalizes the differences quite a bit. So what says the OBers. Is it a complete waste of money? What are your experiences with 10ga?

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Posted by lv2bowhntAU on 11/19 at 2:04 am to LouisianaChessie
I've only shot one a total of 1 time. My shouldered thanked me for never pulling the trigger on another 10 ga. turkey load again. Recoil is a muthafricking understatement. This being said they have their place

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Posted by lurkr on 11/19 at 3:55 am to lv2bowhntAU
I have browning bps in 10ga with the 28" barrel. I absolutely love it, it is my duck and goose gun. It kicks less than the same gun in 10ga 3 1/2.

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Posted by offshoretrash on 11/19 at 4:56 am to lurkr
I had a Rem SP10 I bought to deer hunt with while running dogs. It never shot buckshot worth a damn but it had one hell of regular shot pattern. It shot great with not that much recoil. I traded it for a Benelli and I wish I still had the gun.

A buddy of mine owned a BPS 10 man that thing had one hell of pattern but most Brownings do.

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Posted by DownshiftAndFloorIt on 11/19 at 5:07 am to LouisianaChessie
There just isn't much place for it since the 3.5" 12ga came around. I'd like to have one just for shots and giggles though. If I was a goose hunter I'd have one.

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Posted by LouisianaChessie on 11/19 at 5:18 am to lurkr
Lurkr, the 10 kicks less than the 12? I assume this is what you mean since it would go without saying if the opposite is true. Can anybody else support this claim? I know the 10 is a lot heavier than the 12 which I guess would make up for a lot of it.

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Posted by Da Hammer on 11/19 at 6:36 am to LouisianaChessie
The SP-10 kicks FAR less than any intertia gun. I have had a 10 for about 20 years and they are a bit better than the 12 on geese. However I prefer my SBEII for all around use.

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Posted by jmkidder on 11/19 at 7:22 am to Da Hammer
If you can justify getting one for reasons 1 & 3 I say get one but IMO in 99% of hunting sisustuons 12ga with 3 1/2 is more than enough. On a side note I quit buying 3 1/2 in shells years ago because just don't think I need them.

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Posted by Capt ST on 11/19 at 7:46 am to LouisianaChessie
I have the BPS 10, it's a bad mofo. I keep it in the blind to mop up cripples. I switch to it almost exclusively late in the season when the birds start skirting decoys. I've made too many guys shooting 12s look real bad to say 12 3.5" is close. Thats like saying .410 is close to 20.. Drawbacks; heavier, recoil and the closer you get to the bottom of the box the more you notice it, and shells are high as giraffe poonanny.

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Posted by Ole Geauxt on 11/19 at 7:52 am to LouisianaChessie
I have a Winchester lever action 10 ga. Do some research, make me an offer...

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Posted by AlxTgr on 11/19 at 8:49 am to LouisianaChessie
If I were a blind hunter, I'd own one. Better performance with less kick than the 12.

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Posted by dwr353 on 11/19 at 9:10 am to AlxTgr
I agree. I have a BPS10 and a SBE 3.5. The 10 outperforms it. I shoot an Auto 5 for ducks with 3in and BPS10 for specks.

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Posted by jimbeam on 11/19 at 9:29 am to dwr353
dad's hired hand had a bps. awesome goose gun. great pattern. great load. little kick.

i need to get one

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Posted by REB BEER on 11/19 at 9:37 am to jimbeam
I also shoot the bps 10 and love it. The kick's not as bad as people would think.

Although my shoulder was a little sore from Saturday morning. Shot about 2 boxes.

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Posted by Capt ST on 11/19 at 10:18 am to REB BEER

Shot about 2 boxes

You still cleaning birds?

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Posted by DeepSouthSportsman on 11/19 at 11:55 am to LouisianaChessie
Yellowfin said he had one he would give a good deal on right after i got mine fwiw

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