My bullet saved me from the worst shot I've made on a deer in 30 years yesterda
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re: My bullet saved me from the worst shot I've made on a deer in 30 years yesterda
Posted by DownshiftAndFloorIt on 11/18 at 10:15 pm to faxis
I've been on more .243 track jobs than anything else. I've just never been impressed by it at all. Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to many with tiny exits or no exits at all making for some shitty tracking often with a live deer at the end of it. I've yet to see an impressive .243 wound. It just doesn't have enough arse for consistently going through both shoulders.

By the same token, I go on plenty 7mag tracking jobs too. People just INSIST on using elk bullets for deer just because they cost more.

So here you have both sides of the coin. Something that explodes, and something that pinholes. I love em both because they get my dogs plenty work. Ill also never hunt with either one unless I get a 7mag for ultra long range fun.

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Posted by faxis on 11/18 at 10:27 pm to DownshiftAndFloorIt
So weird. I'll admit, I don't have to deal with many hunters beyond my own little circle and there are no average shots in that group. Come to think of it, we've never lost a deer amongst the people I'm thinking of. But back when I was a kid we were in a hunting club and there were people that had that 'elk gun' mindset and that along with my dad being team high velocity was what cemented me into hating big heavy slow bullets. I fricking HATE the idea of wounded deer. I've let more of them walk over that fear than I've shot. But yesterday I was in a hurry because the game was coming on and I could go ahead and put my season into chill mode so I took the shot.

fricking deer in LA just don't look up I guess because I was moving up on them with them coming right at me keeping a tree between us and they just never even thought to look up that hill.

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Posted by bapple on 11/18 at 10:36 pm to faxis
I think the thing here that seems to be common with ballistic tipped bullets is that if they are light-for-caliber (say a 125gr 30-06 doing 3000+fps) they have a greater chance of fragmenting.

On the other hand, if you have a heavier bullet, it will usually increase the penetration and provide a nice exit wound. My brother shot one of my handloaded 30-06 rounds this week and dropped a deer where he stood. I loaded him a 165gr Swift Scirocco II with 61.2gr of Hornady Superformance powder and it leaves the barrel around 2700-2800fps. The bullet did not fragment and exited but also destroyed the shite out of organs on the way out and created the "soup" you colorfully described.

Another thing can be bullet construction. As was talked about a bunch in the other ballistic-tipped-bashing thread, Barnes TTSX are all-copper ballistic-tipped bullets but provide consistent expansion and usually an exit.

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Posted by faxis on 11/18 at 10:46 pm to bapple
Oh I agree completely. I think if you're going to use higher grain bullets on whitetails you need to get the velocity up to get expansion faster so you get more energy transference from one side to the other before it exits. With the lightweight hyper fast bullets that transfer happens much closer to the entry point. Or at least, it starts happening faster. Like I said, I've only stopped two 125 gr bullets in a whitetail in 31 years. A PSP and this one. Both within 2 inches of this spot. I almost feel like this one actually might have failed in my favor and come apart because of a flaw in it because it didn't hit a rib. It just went BOOM. I just can't imagine it not holding together and exiting like every other one that I ever shot. Which is why I think lighter bullets are better on whitetails around here. May not be in Saskatchewan or something, but I'm completely convinced that on the lightweight shite down here, it's perfect.

Damn bobcats got the gut pile last night or I'd go back with a metal detector and see what's in there. I'd like to see it. There are way the frick too many bobcats on Bayou Dorcheat by the way. Saw one Sat morning that looked like a black panther. Now that I think about it, every one I've seen there looked black. They're always on my game cam. And they beat the coyotes to the gut piles if the tracks are any indication.

This post was edited on 11/18 at 11:56 pm

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Posted by DownshiftAndFloorIt on 11/19 at 5:04 am to faxis
Shot placement is rarely the issue with the .243 guys. The issue is usually severe lack of either penetration or expansion. It's always lacking one of the two.

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Posted by Crawdaddy on 11/19 at 7:42 am to DownshiftAndFloorIt
I have shot a few deer with the ole ballistic tip in 30.06. Turns the insides to mush and I dropped each one in their tracks. From 25 yrds to 150. I do worry of the day that I get a bad shot and no exit wound. I will finish off the box before I buy something else however.

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Posted by Ole Geauxt on 11/19 at 7:48 am to Crawdaddy

Turns the insides to mush
agreed, as long as the bullet makes it to the inside before it "balistics".

I do worry of the day that I get a bad shot and no exit wound
Or when you hit the shoulder and the balistic tip does what it is designed to do and blows up on that shoulder,,,, only problem is that deer can run forever on 3 legs...

I will finish off the box before I buy something else however.

I can't say I blame you for that, just hope that it ain't the buck of a lifetime and one of the above scenarios happen..

Balistic tip bullets were designed to be used on varmints..

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Posted by Crawdaddy on 11/19 at 8:12 am to Ole Geauxt
I did hit a doe once in the shoulder. Can't remember if it hit the shoulder first or hit the shoulder from the inside. Either way it turned the shoulder meat to instant hamburger. Waste of a shoulder. I like the way they shoot, and have yet to fail. But like you said, with my luck, the day that big Buck walks out will be the day I wish I had not shot the balistic tips.

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Posted by fishfighter on 11/19 at 8:25 am to faxis

Thank you 125gr. Nosler Ballistic tip

I load the 140gr for a .270 and getting a bit over 2700 fps. Very flat round out to 200 yards. I place the shot high center in a deer which breaks there back every time, dropping them in there tracks without wasting any meat.

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Posted by Huntinguy on 11/19 at 8:47 am to bapple
I've shot the 130 grain Nosler Ballistic tips outta the .270 win for years, with nothing but good experiences, but I've always been leery of a dead on shoulder shot hitting that ball joint.

For years I carried an shot 2 loads, perhaps at opposite ends of the spectrum, but with great success. The aforementioned 130grain Ballistic tip, for open fields where I'm commonly shooting 200+ yards.

When hunting in the woods where 100+ would be almost unheard of it was 150 gr Nosler Partition. That partition would always expand and always exit. Heck of a bullet.

Last year I switched to that Barnes TTSX in 130. Great ballistic performance, solid bullet construction for pass throughs and they are MONEY in my rifle. Love 'em.

Not surprised at the performance of your 125, seen 'em gelatinize many a chest cavity.

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Posted by AlxTgr on 11/19 at 8:48 am to DownshiftAndFloorIt

I've been on more .243 track jobs than anything else.
I believe you make this up.

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Posted by Tail Dragger on 11/19 at 9:05 am to faxis
You don't break the tail bone?

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Posted by bayoudude on 11/19 at 9:27 am to faxis
I am definitely a believer in ballistic tips. They fragment on entering and create so many wound cavities that the internal bleeding is massive. I shot a buck right up the pooper two years ago and he didn't go more than 10 feet. The internals were destroyed. They still have plenty of energy on impact and will punch through a shoulder as well. I have also dropped a doe that was staring at me about 150 yds out. Shot her straight in the chest same story on the internals. I shoot 130 gr winchester ballistic silver tips out of my .270

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Posted by faxis on 11/19 at 9:52 am to Ole Geauxt
Alright goat its on now...

You will NOT stop a ballistic tip in a whitetails shoulder. Will not happen. Can not happen. Ain't fricking happening. I've shot them in the joint and it blows everything into the chest cavity and the bullet went out the opposite side. If that doesn't prove it, nothing will. That's a fantasy.

Yeah they can run forever on three legs but in order to hit just the shoulder and not perforate the chest cavity you'd have to hit it from some odd angle coming or going away from you which wouldn't have killed them with a freaking 50 cal.

Your scenarios are impossible.

And whitetails and antelope are listed as two animals, along with varmints Nosler Ballistic tips were designed for and they do a phenomenal job of it. Because WHITETAILS AREN'T ARMOR PLATED NOR ARE THEY THREE FEET THICK.

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Posted by AlxTgr on 11/19 at 10:01 am to faxis
Y'all know there's no "shoulder" in the shoulders, right? If you hit a flat bone, you shot too high/forward. If you hit a round bone, you hit too low/forward.

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Posted by faxis on 11/19 at 10:17 am to AlxTgr

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Posted by TigerDeacon on 11/19 at 10:22 am to AlxTgr
I can't believe I read this whole thread.

150 grain Remington Premier Core-Lokt Ultra bonded for my .30-06.

May be a little overkill, but it knocks the fool out of a deer.

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Posted by Huntinguy on 11/19 at 10:22 am to AlxTgr
Thank you. I put "ball joint" cause that's what had been referred to. I followed a misnomer.

My fear was a dead on shot in that "T" shaped part of the shoulder blade would not leave an exit, but a three legged deer you trail for days.

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Posted by bapple on 11/19 at 11:39 am to Huntinguy

Last year I switched to that Barnes TTSX in 130.

My dad had enormous success with this round out of his 300 magnum when nothing else would shoot well. He tried Hornady SSTs, Nosler Ballistics, Swift Sciroccos, and some other lead-tipped bullets, and his rifle never seemed to like any of them. But the minute he changed to the Barnes TTSX, he was printing 1/3MOA groups. Granted, he is handloading so your mileage may vary, but everyone seems to love this round.

That all-copped construction and the way it's designed creates awesome expansion and almost assures an exit wound.

I'm considering working up some loads in 30-06 to see how they perform. I imagine they will perform well.

This post was edited on 11/19 at 11:40 am

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Posted by faxis on 11/19 at 11:42 am to bapple
Yeah I'll bet that's a beast on them. If you do it let us know how it turns out.

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