Another F-250 Thread - Used 2003 King Ranch with 6.0L
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re: Another F-250 Thread - Used 2003 King Ranch with 6.0L
Posted by Hammertime on 11/18 at 10:50 pm to El Josey Wales

El Josey Wales

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Posted by tigerpaw08716 on 11/19 at 12:11 am to El Josey Wales
Go to Coy's to bullet proof is your not worried about over paying. I've got a guy who used to work at Robinson Brothers that does the same stuff as Coy for alot less.

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Posted by tigerpaw08716 on 11/19 at 12:14 am to tigerpaw08716
I had an 03 6.0l with over 150k miles. I had egr delete installed ran alot better but still would never go that route of buying another 6.0 again. Go check out Boardwalk motors on the corner of South Harrell's ferry and Millerville they have some of the best prices on diesel's.

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Posted by El Josey Wales on 11/19 at 6:35 am to tigerpaw08716
The Coys reference was a joke to Hammertime. He enlightened us to their way of doing business last week. From the sounds if it, I wouldn't take a Tonka truck to Coys.

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Posted by pdubya76 on 11/19 at 8:04 am to El Josey Wales
I have a 2007 6.0. It has 110k on the clock. If you get it there are a few things you can do to help yourself in the long-run.Change the oil to a good 5w40 synthetic and use only Motorcraft filters .Do this every 5k.Do a coolant flush and get that Ford Gold crap outta there.It's recommended to use a Cat ELC coolant with a coolant filter.Keep your batteries good.Bad batteries are what kills the FICM.

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Posted by Lefty Diego on 11/19 at 8:36 am to pdubya76
I have a 2003 6.0 with 140k on it. I've been lucky and had no major problems. 4 injectors replaced under warranty and something else small that I can't remember. I have done about $2k in front end work and normal maintenance. I drive it hard about once a week as it is not my daily driver and sometimes hook up my trailer to check everthing out. That being said, I would not buy an 03 6.0.

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