Who is a good psychiatrist in Baton Rouge?
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re: Who is a good psychiatrist in Baton Rouge?
Posted by 228Tiger on 11/18 at 8:24 pm to white perch
I'm a psychology major

Send her my way, i'll see what i can do

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Posted by ellecubed on 11/18 at 9:06 pm to white perch
The best advice on here is that different things work for different people. The best thing you can do is support her and don't ever treat her like she's crazy - she already thinks she is and just needs you to be there.

For me, I was on meds for about 5 or so years and have been off of them for 1 year now. Went to a psychologist for a very short time - like many have said on here, he was a bit crazier than me. What has really worked for me is doing the things that scared me the most. Start small and little by little you start to realize that bad things don't happen all of the time.

For instance, if she is OCD and is maybe having trouble leaving home without checking and re-checking that she's turned off the stove or locked the door, take her for very small rides without letting her check/re-check. You can increase the distance away from home as she gets more comfortable. Repetitive times of doing these things will help her. Just my thoughts, but immersing myself in the things I feared most has helped me a lot. I got the idea from reading a book called When Panic Attacks - might be a good read for her too.

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Posted by Tchefuncte Tiger on 11/18 at 9:07 pm to white perch
Good luck!

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Posted by GetBackToWork on 11/18 at 9:13 pm to 228Tiger
Robert Blanche is also good. Not every doctor is right for every patient, particularly with mental illness. Find the one who listens and takes the time to get it right, and establishes the rapport needed to break through. Even when they are "only" going for medicine, the psychiatrist is critical.

Be patient. Be thorough in your own research and follow up. Mental illness is never cured, but can only be managed. The degree of success achieved often has a lot to do with the circle of support. Good luck.

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Posted by lsutiggs on 11/18 at 9:37 pm to white perch
Zach Galifianakis

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