Danielson: "LSU can beat anybody in the country right now"
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re: Danielson: "LSU can beat anybody in the country right now"
Posted by White Tiger on 11/13 at 9:39 pm to Hair of the Dog

Hair of the Dog

Finishing strong is important, but being pre-season #1 is not. Blowing out Ole Miss and Arky would be nice game plans if CLM has any gaps in his going in. Just a suggestion.

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Posted by mlschil62 on 11/13 at 9:46 pm to White Tiger

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Posted by Cincinnati Bowtie on 11/13 at 10:50 pm to Alatgr
Did anybody catch it when Verne said, " There you go..........for Fulton," when the Bama DB finally broke up a pass against A&M ?

Kinda tipped his hand on who he favored.

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Posted by LSU82BILL on 11/14 at 7:11 am to OBUDan

I'm generally against the playoff model in college

You shouldn't be if you are an LSU fan. Considering the chances are good that the SEC will have 2 teams in the top 4 and that Les Miles typically has his teams peaking late in the season. Your always going to have a few non-SEC flirting with an undefeated record and making the top 2 in the BCS. There is a good chance in that scenario that a better SEC gets left out of a championship game. Trust me.....in about 5-10 years you are going to see some pissed off fans from other conferences when their undefeated teams don't make it to a championship game and a 1 or 2 loss SEC team does regularly. And conference commissioners, ADs and school presidents will want to blow up the playoff model when they see the amount of money involved.

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Posted by zappgator on 11/14 at 8:37 am to LSU82BILL
Remember the "best team right now" argument that was shoved down our throats to justify Bama being in the title game? I think it's time for us to start promoting ourselves as the "best team right now".

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Posted by PurpleNGold4Ever on 11/14 at 8:50 am to Jim Rockford
Jesse Palmer said the same thing on College Football Live. Said LSU would be favored over the top 3 in the BCS right now - and would likely beat them all.

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Posted by PurpleNGold4Ever on 11/14 at 8:53 am to Dinkle

It's comical how many fans believe this mythical "light" just suddenly came on. They don't find it weird that the line just started blocking better at nearly the same time? Three wide receiver sets, different down and distance calls etc. played a big part in where Mett and the line are right now.

Spot on brother..... 2nd and short and 3rd and 4 or less opens up our playbook so much more.

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Posted by TurDuken on 11/14 at 9:01 am to dukke v

.I would NOT want to play Bama again.


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Posted by TurDuken on 11/14 at 9:03 am to Cincinnati Bowtie
Verne is a fat frick who hates LSU. If he can't contain his bias he needs to go. It's his job to be objective as an announcer.

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Posted by cajunjj on 11/14 at 9:07 am to Weaver
Living behind enemy lines, Bama has replaced O'l Piss on my most hared!

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Posted by DJTigers on 11/14 at 7:52 pm to Dalosaqy
Neither k. state nor notre dame could hold our jock straps!!

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Posted by Penrod on 11/14 at 8:10 pm to dukke v

And it took til game 9 to GET IT?????????? Come on man

I'm surprised that you're surprised. He was a new QB who was struggling in the beginning but starting to improve. Then his Oline fell apart with his left tackle lost for the season, his right guard lost for a long stretch, his right tackle went skitzo, he lost his center for a stretch, and he ended up with two freshmen holding down the right side and a guard playing left tackle. It took several games before these guys could pass block as a unit. So three quarters of the passing game was shelved while we max protected on every play. We got it together in time for USC and he had a reasonably good game. Then aTm he was off on his deep throws but otherwise fairly good. A two week break, and Bama's poor pass rush ends, gave us a chance to reload the passing attack, and we went with three wideouts, and our line held up. That's the story my man.

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Posted by munchman on 11/14 at 8:15 pm to Jim Rockford
LSU can beat Bama....wait, we already did that.

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Posted by fishen4life on 11/14 at 8:20 pm to uway
I agree

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Posted by spike0311 on 11/14 at 8:24 pm to Dalosaqy
I think Oregon is the only team to give LSU a decent game.

I do not get the Oregon love. This is the same tweam that gets stomped by a good fast defense everytime they face one. See 2011 champuionship against AU and LSU last year. Then they play a few games, beat up on weak Pac 12 defenses and everyone forgets. What is different than 14 months ago with this team besides the uniforms?

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Posted by spike0311 on 11/14 at 8:28 pm to koLSU86
I understand this, BUT Why did he wait till the Bama game to show what he can do???? Its like he just turned it on at the time. I don't get this. Was Miles playing Possum????

Or a quarterback who had never played major college football improved throughout the season? Crazy concept I know.


The o-line is the biggest difference. Now that we can run some 3 receiver sets instead of max protection, Mett has someone to actually throw the ball to.

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Posted by SpookeyTiger on 11/14 at 8:36 pm to MondayMorningMarch

LSU could beat a couple of NFL teams right now.

You beat me to it.

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Posted by Cameron Cooke on 11/14 at 9:56 pm to Dalosaqy

as their D isn't as good as everyone says it is.

No one says Oregon's D is any good at all....did you see them play USC?

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Posted by cheeser on 11/15 at 1:06 pm to dukke v

I would rather BEAT THE shite out Of FLA.That game bothers me more than the Bama game does.

i fully agree, but don't worry, Florida is going to get their arse handed to them by Florida State. It will just move us up the bcs ladder another notch

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Posted by NCLSUWSPFAN on 11/15 at 2:27 pm to cheeser
Gary likes us now because "LSU is not hiding it's quarterback" or something to that effect.

We can run and stop the run and play solid D but he always knocked LSU for hiding it's QB... and this was a correct knock IMO.

Geaux Mett Geaux!

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