What makes LSU Tiger Stadium Special and the Icon it is?
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re: What makes LSU Tiger Stadium Special and the Icon it is?
Posted by AlwysATgr on 11/13 at 9:25 pm to Reuben32

From reading responses in this thread it seems other stadiums dont yell as loud as possible when their defense is on the field?

As compared to other venues Tigers fans yell louder and more frequently (not just 3rd downs) than do others and the stadium acoustics is probably more conducive to noise than most others. The Swamp (and supposedly Autzen (Oregon)) probably has better acoustics but for a big game on Sat night we set the standard for noise.


I'm being serious, I've only been to Tiger Stadium never any other big sports venue. Is it normal?

TS is not normal.

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Posted by USMCTiger03 on 11/13 at 9:55 pm to The312

The only true answer: the unique passion of the Louisiana populace. LSU fans possess an inherent abandon, a wildness, a fierceness of spirit that simply isn't encountered anywhere else in the nation. I know, I've spent my life looking for it. Occassionally, I'll stumble upon it on a dance floor at 2 AM: that pure buzz, that unfettered joie de vive, total unaccountable energy. But it's fleeting and artificial there. By contrast, an ungodly number of people in Louisiana naturally possess that energy all day, every day. Every instant is a celebration of life. Every occassion is an excuse for a party. Every day joys.

It's beautiful. And rare. It's unlike the ethos you'll find anywhere else in the United States. And that's why I'll go to such lengths to protect it against usurpers like corporate season ticket holders and teetotallers and grumpy old blue-hairs who want the entire stadium to sit and golf clap.

If you've spent your life in common society, bound by common convention, oppressed by somber expectations and lifeless conversation, passing boring pleasantries, half awake, your first Tiger Stadium experience is akin to sudden liberation, a mainline of life's best drug. That's why visitors rave.

You stole my answer.

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Posted by USMCTiger03 on 11/13 at 9:58 pm to TenTex

What makes LSU Tiger Stadium Special and the Icon it is?

When the student section chants "Suck that tiger dick, bitch".

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Posted by zztop1234 on 11/13 at 10:02 pm to TenTex
Image: http://cosmopolitansg.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/jim_beam.jpg?w=220&h=300

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Posted by K9BAMF on 11/14 at 12:55 am to zztop1234
Its the tradition of Saturday Night in Death Valley, TGBFTL and the players marching down victory hill. The tailgating, drinking, food and good times had by all in anticipation of watching the Tigers play. It's the pregame salute to each corner of the stadium by the band. And like others have said, the fans. But why do we love it so much? I think LSU football represents the Louisianian. For as far back as the Cajuns history goes, we have been disrespected, pushed around, gone through harsh times and been underdogs. Lousiana is a blue collar state where we work our tails off to get what we can. We've been through Hurricanes, oil spills, all kinds of horrible stuff. I think LSU football is a way for us to come together once a week, forget about all the bills we have to pay, work that needs to be done and show the rest of the country what we're really about. Fun, food, bourbon, and football.

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Posted by wallowinit on 11/14 at 1:25 am to byubengalboy
I was born in BR at OLOL the day Audrey hit. That was June 27 and was a Thursday. If it was a LSU game on Saturday Night you must be thinking of some other hurricane.

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