Just Bought a New Ruger SR 22: What Accessories Do I Need Now?
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re: Just Bought a New Ruger SR 22: What Accessories Do I Need Now?
Posted by KBeezy on 10/7 at 9:09 pm to shutterspeed
For defense, use the cci mini mags but FMJ only

.22lr hollow points don't perform well out of handguns with that short a barrel

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Posted by bapple on 10/7 at 9:31 pm to shutterspeed

Isn't that CLP stuff kind of an oil/solvent in one?

CLP stands for "clean, lubricate, protect," so yea it's pretty much all-in-one. Ever since buying it, I don't think I'll ever use Rem oil again.

The reason people shoot the bulk stuff and not the Mini Mags is because if you look at the price, the Mini Mags are considerably more. Granted they are better quality, they aren't 15 bucks for 500 rounds.

The bulk stuff will work just fine in your SR22. If you have failures to feed or eject with the shitty ammo, you can pretty much just attribute it to the ammo.

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Posted by TigerOnThe Hill on 10/7 at 11:38 pm to shutterspeed
Congrats on your new gun! The main "accessory" you need is LOTS of ammo to familiarize yourself w/ the gun as well as to have a good time. A few other thoughts:
Bulk ammo is fine and is pretty much what I run through my 22's. Also, bulk ammo is frequently very accurate. That's one thing about 22's: there can be a lot of variation from gun to gun as to what ammo a gun likes. If you're just looking for a cheap time, buy the least expensive bulk ammo available. If you're looking for accuracy, buy some 50 round boxes of different brands/types of ammo and test the accuracy before buying a large quantity.

It's good that you're planning on hearing and vision protection. Like lots of shooters, I use the highest rated expanding foam plugs I can find (the max NRR I can usually find is 33). But, I also recommend using external muffs in addition to the plugs. Plugs block conduction sounds through the ear canal only, but not conduction from the bones surrounding the ears; muffs help w/ this. You can usually find an electronic pair from Caldwell for &25. In addition, using the electronic muffs to the plugs will allow you to hear any range commands that you may not hear w/ plugs alone.

Last, you'll want additional mags for your new gun.

CLP and Eezox are my preferred brands of "CLP" products. CLP will probably be easy to find at your local store(s), but probably not Eezox.

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Posted by Nascar Fan on 10/8 at 6:00 am to shutterspeed


ear protection

And a frickload of bullets

That's gonna be a very fun gun to shoot

Just because it's a 22 you might not think it's gonna be loud. This gun is very loud. Get you a big box of the cheapest bullets you can find & go have fun

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Posted by dawg23 on 10/8 at 8:01 am to Slickback

Some personal defense ammo

I hope you were being sarcastic.

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Posted by dietcoke7 on 10/8 at 8:28 am to DownshiftAndFloorIt

My old man's .22 pistol had about 8000 rounds down the pipe before he ever cleaned the barrel

See these kind of posts on this board frequently. Is this some kind of running joke, like Germans bombing Pearl Harbor or Trindon playing DE? Bragging about not maintaining a dangerous weapon?


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Posted by bapple on 10/8 at 11:52 am to dawg23

Some personal defense ammo

I hope you were being sarcastic.

Agreed. I would never guarantee my life on rimfire ammo, whether it's 22lr, 22mag, or 17hmr. It's just too unreliable.

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Posted by Helo on 10/8 at 12:07 pm to bapple
I only shoot mini-mags or stingers in mine.
Some people have had issues with ejecting some of the lower power rounds so I stick with those.

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Posted by Grunt Actual on 10/8 at 12:49 pm to dietcoke7


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