Daniel Craig Bond Movies
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re: Daniel Craig Bond Movies
Posted by blueboy on 10/6 at 11:09 am to Wild Thang
damn, and I woke up this morning hoping that Wild Thang would regard me.

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Posted by SlowFlowPro on 10/6 at 11:19 am to blueboy

Face it. They wanted him to be more like the more recently successful Jason Bourne (another ruined franchise), and the result is mediocre at best.

if i were going to use a film franchise they were aiming at, it would be the nolan batman series, imho

real/gritty is in. they were trying to make bond more realistic and gritty

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Posted by blueboy on 10/6 at 11:40 am to SlowFlowPro

real/gritty is in. they were trying to make bond more realistic and gritty
I'd argue that the grittiness fad (or whatever you want to call it) began with the Bourne series, but I see what you're saying. As far as straight-up comparisons go, old Bond is to new Bond as old Batman is to new Batman. However, I think you might be confusing the better artistic comparison with what the studio wanted to express in a modern spy film. I think they looked at the success of the Bourne series and wanted to duplicate it with similar elements.

But again, I agree. "Reboots" that are darker and "grittier" did seem to begin with Batman Begins, and they won't end any time soon. The new Lone Ranger looks like he might smoke meth and cut guys dicks off. Should be good.

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Posted by blueboy on 10/6 at 11:47 am to Wild Thang

Wild Thang
Ah. I see why you're butthurt. I forgot about my post in the Grisham novel thread. Sorry. I actually like Grisham's books (most of the ones I've read) but I was a little cranky this morning. Last night's mixture of pizza and bourbon has left something dark and gritty in my butthole.

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Posted by Wild Thang on 10/6 at 1:21 pm to blueboy
Yea, these 2 threads had me a little put off on your taste.

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Posted by Marciano1 on 10/6 at 8:57 pm to RealityTiger
Casino Royale is VERY good.

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Posted by WicKed WayZ on 10/6 at 10:00 pm to alabamabuckeye

Casino was pretty good, QoS was shite. Skyfall should be amazing.

This is pretty much the consensus. I'm not a huge Bond fan but I liked Casino and gave QoS a shot and it sucked. I'll give skyfall a shot and if it's not as good as Casino I'll skip the next Bond

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