Best Formations for 7v7?
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re: Best Formations for 7v7?
Posted by WarSlamEagle on 10/4 at 1:18 pm to RandySavage
No one got my Sheffield Thursday reference on my team.

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Posted by RandySavage on 10/4 at 1:25 pm to WarSlamEagle
What's wrong with the people you play with?

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Posted by WarSlamEagle on 10/4 at 1:29 pm to RandySavage

Except for Fake Madrid. That was too easy.

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Posted by saderade on 10/4 at 1:52 pm to WarSlamEagle
It is had hard to predict what type of formation you use until you get at least through one or two games and find out what type of team you have. The most important thing is staying organized and getting back on defense.

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Posted by cwil177 on 10/4 at 4:26 pm to saderade
My team names from college included "Back Dat Pass Up," "Dyslexia Untied" (everyone still pronounced it United ), and "Miley Cyrus Turns 18 on November 23rd." We also used "Acorn Shortage" because my friend read some article about an acorn shortage somewhere and thought it was funny.

To answer your question, we kind of switched between a 3-2-1 and a 2-3-1, depending on if the wing backs were pushing up the field. I know someone talked about the 3-1-2 not being very useful, but I thought it was perfect. Our best player was in the midfield, would draw defenders/midfielders to him, and ALWAYS had an open option up top and 3 people behind him if he lost it or needed an outlet pass.

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Posted by Dandy Lion on 10/4 at 6:27 pm to WarSlamEagle

Found out that one of my friends' teams name is "Unreal Madrid". Son of a...

Try 'Virtual Madrid'

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Posted by WarSlamEagle on 10/4 at 6:56 pm to Dandy Lion
Good one.

Name's already locked in for the season, otherwise Dyslexia Untied would be my new team name.

This post was edited on 10/4 at 6:58 pm

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Posted by thenry712 on 10/4 at 7:03 pm to WarSlamEagle
Unathletico Madrid was the moniker of a friend of mine's team. Could also have been Unathletic Bilbao, but only if it was comprised of only out-of-shape Basques.

Real Hull was the shitty name for our shitty team. It came from a terrible brochure entitled "Real Hull," that attempted to convince tourists that Humberside wasn't the shittiest region of England.

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Posted by WarSlamEagle on 10/18 at 7:22 pm to thenry712
Bumping this for an update.

Fake Madrid won their opener 7-0 via mercy rule. After six goals in the first half, we scored the winner two minutes into the second half for the win.

We went with a 2-3-1 and let our wide mids play the wings...we picked up a strong possession-based midfielder and he played in the middle. Our defenders ended up playing really high towards the end, getting to lob some long balls to me, the target man at striker. (Scored the opener on a beautiful one-two with a winger. )

The other team mailed it in after we went up 3-0 (our goalie, bored as could be, trapped a weak shot from the other guys and went coast to coast...wove between three defenders and ripped a 20-yard screamer...heartless but freaking sweet), but I'm gonna owe our success to the tactical advice from the Almighty Soccer Board. So, from my intramural team, thanks!


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Posted by Dandy Lion on 10/18 at 7:30 pm to WarSlamEagle

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Posted by WarSlamEagle on 10/18 at 7:36 pm to Dandy Lion

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Posted by cwil177 on 10/18 at 8:18 pm to WarSlamEagle
Any ideas for 6v6? I might have to make a separate thread for this if I don't get responses here. We've basically gone with a 2-3 so far and it's been alright.

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Posted by petar on 10/18 at 10:19 pm to cwil177
My team "Soccer in the Mouth" played today. we played a 2-3-1. We dominated time of possession but lost in golden goal OT (who still does that crap anyway)
We are thinking about running a 2-2-1-1 next game because the field is narrow and our wings weren't that effective.

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Posted by keeper007 on 10/18 at 11:37 pm to GeorgeTheGreek

You're killing your OBs ability to get fwd due to your fwds already occupying the wide space.... Unless you stack your fwds centrally and keep them there - which would be dumb. I see what you're saying with your formation but I disagree.

I believe that the two front will cause fits for the three back, making them choose:

Slide the wide back wide to shut down the oncoming outside back? 2v1 with checking F.

Stay compact to play 3v2 against the 2 F, give up the endline to attacking outside backs.

Basically playing with a two front with a trequartista in behind.

And you're dumb.

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