Anyone else think we're about to enter a cinematic dark age?
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re: Anyone else think we're about to enter a cinematic dark age?
Posted by magildachunks on 7/21 at 9:13 am to OMLandshark
My reaction to the OP

Calm down. It'll blow over and things will go back to normal. They always do.

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Posted by ManBearTiger on 7/21 at 9:15 am to OMLandshark
This shooting will have absolutely no effect on the quality of future films.

ETA: as a whole

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Posted by OMLandshark on 7/21 at 9:38 am to ManBearTiger
What about my China point guys. I think that is very viable, considering how powerful the country has become for the film industry.

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Posted by SilverSpurs13 on 7/21 at 9:51 am to OMLandshark

It wouldn't shock me "Django Unchained" were the first victim of this and had its violence forcibly edited by the studio.

I'm pretty sure Tarantino would tell Weinstein to frick off if he tried to mess with his movie.

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Posted by Kafka on 7/21 at 10:08 am to SilverSpurs13

I'm pretty sure Tarantino would tell Weinstein to frick off if he tried to mess with his movie

People in the movie business do not tell Harvey Weinstein to frick off. Not if they want to keep working.

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Posted by Tiger Voodoo on 7/21 at 10:12 am to OMLandshark
Yeah, definitely an overreaction Shark.

Elephant got made just a few years after Columbine, which fricking blew even my mind. Not to mention United 93 just a few years after 9/11, which is still one of the most amazingly moving films ever made IMO.

Money is what drives the industry, so if anything is going to hurt creativity it will be the motivation to make more cash grabs.

The saving grace is that so many of these mindless popcorn flicks that used to be money grabs are so prohibitively expensive that the studios are forced to continue to allow brave and smart creators work on them to make them worth it and have cinematic value or viewers just won't show up in enough numbers to justify the expense.

Nolan's Batman, Avengers, Hunger Games, Potter, all the record breaking movies have legit content and creative value.

The saving grace

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Posted by drewhowie on 7/21 at 10:55 am to Tiger Voodoo
for a start, they're editing the gangster squad theater shoot-out scene. for obvious reasons, though

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Posted by prplhze2000 on 7/21 at 12:16 pm to OMLandshark
we've been in one for some time. Why do you think you are seeing comic books and then nothing but sequels. If a movie is a hit, then here comes version I,II,III instead of cranking out new scripts.

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Posted by prplhze2000 on 7/21 at 12:17 pm to Napoleon
Napoleon, you're full of crap. You leave out the fact you had to submit to a background check before you got your gun.

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Posted by DaSaltyTiger on 7/21 at 12:28 pm to OMLandshark
First, we take chances everyday from the moment we get out of bed. Life is too short to be worrying about every potential hazard. You could die in a car accident on your way to work. People still drive. You would be surprised how many are discovered dead on their pot. People still shite. You could walk out in your yard, slip, fall, break your neck and die. People still walk in their yards. I could continue on this one but I think the reader should have the point by now.

Second, there have always been kooks and there always will be. Nothing you can do about it.

Thirdly, literature has been rife with violence over the centuries. Look at how brutally Caesar was murdered. Sheakspeare was not banned.

Last, controlling guns is not going to be the answer. If the guy did not have a gun, he could have fixed up a bomb and thrown it. Same difference.

No one should be taking the brunt of anything except the criminal who did the deed, and in his case - justice should definitely be done.

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Posted by Celery on 7/21 at 12:37 pm to OMLandshark
Nope. Studios don't care about that shite. They just care about $$$. If violence makes $$$ then that's what we'll get.

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Posted by prplhze2000 on 7/21 at 12:49 pm to DaSaltyTiger
he could've walked out, walked back in, thrown his grenades, then poured two cans of gas all over the place.

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Posted by DaSaltyTiger on 7/21 at 1:04 pm to prplhze2000
As for the issue of violence in the UK, last time I looked it was pretty fricking violent over there in some spots just as here. Human nature is what it is and bad people are what they are. The choice of weapons might differ, but the results are the same.

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Posted by iwyLSUiwy on 7/21 at 1:27 pm to OMLandshark

More or less, I think the creative film making process will die with "The Dark Knight Rises". Pretty much these producers will now approach their entire audience as potential psychopaths who are one scene away from mowing down a theatre, not normal people who will in no way do the violence shown on screen. I expect violence to decrease as a whole over the next 10 years.

I don't agree with this at all. For no other reason than good directors won't change. This movie will prevent Tarantino from having a psychopath in one of his films. Umm no. Psychopaths are a popular story for a lot of movies. Will it slow down a bit? Maybe. I don't think so but for the next 10 years? C'mon.


You can rest assured that they won't dare make a truly dark and great Batman film for the next say 20-30 years due to the fact that the films' darkness inspired this massacre.

Why in Gods name would someone want to remake Batman anytime soon, no matter what the take on it. I have no doubt that this trilogy will be worshipped in a similar fashion to Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. Nobody will dare remake them because of how well they were done and how much people care about them.

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Posted by Siderophore on 7/21 at 1:44 pm to iwyLSUiwy
He is pretty close to having remade Star Wars with the cumulative retroactive changes...

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Posted by iwyLSUiwy on 7/21 at 2:21 pm to Siderophore
Who is?

New story lines and a new director? If not, then it's not a new take on it.

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Posted by Mikes My Tiger on 7/21 at 2:39 pm to iwyLSUiwy
This thread has gone full retard.

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Posted by LeonPhelps on 7/21 at 4:00 pm to OMLandshark
The correct answer is that there will be no long-term impact from this. People have blamed entertainment for society woes for decades, starting with comics in the 50's and up to video games more recently. Overreaction is a normal human response and why rational people can make a lot of money in the stock market. This was one nut job and, before too long, cooler heads will prevail.

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Posted by Tiger in NY on 7/21 at 4:13 pm to OMLandshark
TL; DNR, but why is everyone freaking out? This shite happens. Do people not go to malls anymore because there was once a shooting at a mall? Are we going to avoid Del Taco because a dude in a striped shirt beat #69s arse in there? I don't see this as having any impact on people going to the movies.

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Posted by island on 7/21 at 4:16 pm to Tiger Voodoo

United 93

movie sucks

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