Psych-Out, or Riot On Sunset Strip
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re: Psych-Out, or Riot On Sunset Strip
Posted by Kafka on 5/19 at 8:18 pm to Kafka
The Who - "Dogs" (1968)

I've tried to avoid superstar acts in this thread, but I can't resist posting this popsike curio, a zany but oddly moving tale of romance amongst the aficionados of greyhound racing. John Entwhistle thought it sounded too much like The Small Faces (that's a bad thing John?), and it only got to #25 on the UK singles chart (and wasn't released in the US at all). It was quickly forgotten by all concerned and consigned to the cutout bin of history.

Except by cranks like me. With Keith Moon bashing away in rhythmic support of the glorious three-part harmonies, it's one of my fave Who tracks.

And how can you not love a song that ends on the words "lovely buttocks"...

Pete Townshend's "Dogs" Demo

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Posted by Kafka on 5/31 at 12:32 pm to Kafka
The most inimitably British sounding band you'll ever hear:

The Aerovons - "The Train" (1969)

Of course needless to say, they were from St. Louis.


The Aerovons were formed in 1966 in St. Louis, and in late 1967, guitarist/pianist Tom Hartman recorded a demo of his composition "A World of You" at the instigation of his mother. The demo was heard by a representative of Capitol Records, and though he offered the group a session in Los Angeles, Hartman's mother told him the band wanted to record in London. In early 1968, the still-young Aerovons -- Hartman was 16 -- flew to London to play their demo for EMI. EMI was impressed enough to sign them when Hartman and his mother returned to London in August 1968, and the Aerovons even got another offer at the time with Decca. The whole band came back to London in March 1969 to record.

Over the next few months the group cut about an album's worth of material at Abbey Road.
The album would not be released until 2003.

"Dear Mom: Today we met George Harrison!!!"

Listen to an NPR story about the Aerovons

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Posted by Kafka on 7/23 at 4:05 pm to Kafka
Fever Tree - "San Francisco Girls" (1968)

A mainstay on the Houston scene of the late '60s, Fever Tree hit #91 on the Billboard pop chart with this classic tribute to the ladies of the Bay.

Image: width=550

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Posted by Captain Fantasy on 7/23 at 5:06 pm to Kafka
From L.A. Blue Mountain Eagle - Promise of Love (1969)

David Price (vocalist/rhythm guitarist) and Don Poncher (drummer) were original members of The New Buffalo Springfield. Price was also Davy Jones' stand-in in The Monkees TV show


From Boston Saint Steven - Gladacadova (1969)

Saint Steven was a recording project of Steven Cataldo, who played a little bit with Ultimate Spinach, and went on to play in the Nervous Eaters.


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Posted by Kafka on 8/5 at 4:48 pm to Kafka

The Gants - "Roadrunner"

They were from the small Delta town of Greenwood MS. Note the power-chording, which Pete Townshend was experimenting with around the same time.

IIRC this track was listed in Dave Marsh's Top 1000 book.


More from the pride of Greenwood

The Gants were the first act anywhere to cover "Gloria". With lead singer Sid Herring doing his best Van the Man imitation I prefer this to the later version by Chicago's Shadows Of Knight, who had the hit single in the US.

For a few minutes in 1965 it looked like The Gants were going places. They could do pop
"I Wonder"

and folk-rock
"My Baby Don't Care"

and Stones-Yardbirds-style R&B
"You Can't Blow Smoke Rings"

The Gants (in white) with The Animals: lead singer Eric Burdon is second from left. Extreme right is Animals bassist Chas Chandler, future discoverer-manager-producer of Jimi Hendrix.

Sid Herring with lookalike Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits -- or is it Peter Noone with Sid Herring?

Image: width=650

Image: width=650

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Posted by Kafka on 8/13 at 10:05 pm to Kafka
The McCoys on local Detroit TV, 1966

Lip synching their #1 hit "Hang On Sloopy" and a great cover of Ritchie Valens' "Come On Let's Go"

The bit they do at the end is hilarious

Image: width=750

Image: width=550

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Posted by Starrkevious Ringo on 8/14 at 8:49 am to Kafka
Good gosh, what an awesome thread this is. Kafka, did you hang at Leisure Landing back in the day?

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Posted by Kafka on 8/18 at 10:27 am to Kafka
Focal Point - "Never Never" (1967)

Liverpool's Focal Point was the first act signed to the Beatles' Apple publishing company. Unfortunately that connection was not enough to guarantee them commercial success. They released one unsuccessful single and returned to obscurity. This great track would not be released until 2005.

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Posted by Kafka on 8/19 at 7:17 pm to Kafka
Love Thy Customer - Ford Motor Company Training Film (1966)

Love Thy Customer uses humor and caricatures to show automobile service department personnel how to improve customer relations, ease their workload, and protect their paycheck through friendliness and a 'do it once, do it right' attitude. It presents one service man's musings on the stereotypes of automobile owners they encounter, as he 'watches' a training slide-film on better service selling: Cheapie the Chiseler, Sniffy the Suspicioner, Creepy or Harvey the Hood-Looker, Short-fuse Frank the VIP, Einstein the Expert, Go-Go the Gabber, and Donald Duck the Instant Screamer.

Love Thy Customer also shows how the customers might type the mechanics in return: Paul the Promiser, Sloppy George, Doc the Disorganized, and Itchy the Impatient. The film closes with the service department manager's recipe for better customer service: do it right the first time, explain the warranty, make the correct diagnosis, follow through on the order, and — no matter what problems arise — treat the customer with friendliness and honesty.

So what the hell is it doing in this thread?

Take a look at the closing credits:

The Doors cut the music for this industrial film -- intended only for Ford employees -- in the spring of 1966, before they'd gotten a recording contract. I have no clue as to how the band got this gig -- my guess would be one of the filmmakers knew Jim Morrison from UCLA film school, but that's just a guess.

I doubt if even the most zealous Lizard King worshipper will want to watch the whole thing. There are no vocals (Morrison probably didn't even attend the recording session at all) and most of the music is buried so deep in the mix under the dialogue you can barely hear it.

But if you go to near, fittingly enough, the end at 24:30 you will hear what sounds like a precursor of this song.

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Posted by Kafka on 10/11 at 8:37 pm to Kafka
Shel Naylor - "One Fine Day" (1964)

Classic English rocker that should have been a smash hit. Another composition from the Davies songbook -- Dave Davies that is, he gets the official credit. Perhaps Ray really wrote it but preferred to keep his name off for some reason. Allegedly the Kinks cut a version around the same time but it has never been released. In any event this was well before "You Really Got Me". Curious.

Image: width=500

Image: width=500

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Posted by Kafka on 10/27 at 9:30 pm to Kafka
The Who - "Glittering Girl" (1967)

This rare 1967 footage, excerpted from the German TV documentary Die Jungen Nachtwandler - London Unter 21, sees Pete Townshend running through an obscure and unreleased Who track named "Glittering Girl" in front of managers Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp at his Wardour Street flat, and then with his bandmates at the Saville Theatre.

Kit Lambert listens as Pete Townshend runs through an acoustic version of "Glittering Girl":

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Posted by JumpingTheShark on 10/27 at 9:40 pm to Kafka
I appreciate these threads you have with obscure music. I don't often respond but I get lots of suggestions from them so thanks.

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Posted by Kafka on 10/30 at 11:42 am to Kafka

Rice Krispies - The Rolling Stones -- "Brian Jones co-wrote this jingle with the J. Walter Thompson ad agency. It was only shown in England in 1964."

Falstaff Beer - Cream

Great Shakes - The Yardbirds -- Curiously enough, this commercial is allegedly one of the few tracks to feature both Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page

Levi's - Jefferson Airplane

And the coolest commercial of all time:

Pontiac GTO - Paul Revere & The Raiders

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Posted by Kafka on 11/1 at 7:12 pm to Kafka
The Floyd Dakil Combo - "Dance Franny Dance" (1964)

This Dallas garage classic is one of the all time great rock & roll dance numbers

An interesting chart for this Dallas station. The Stones' first US single made the top 30 here -- much better than it did nationally. Chuck Berry is making his post-prison comeback with "Nadine". Note the musical diversity: the R&B of Tommy Tucker and The Impressions, the Brill Building pop of Dionne Warwick, the country of Ray Price. And of course the recently victorious British Invasion -- the Beatles are so popular they have they're own private #1 spot!

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Posted by Kafka on 3/12 at 11:30 am to Kafka

Sump'n Else was the Dallas answer to American Bandstand, airing weekday afternoons on WFAA-TV from September 1965 to January 1968.

A number of national acts appeared on the show, including The Monkees, Herman's Hermits, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Sonny and Cher, and even Frank Zappa. But Sump'n Else was also notable for showcasing local DFW acts such as Kenny and the Kasuals, Mouse and the Traps, and The Five Americans.

Unfortunately, few Sump'n Else episodes seem to have survived...

The Five Americans - "Western Union"/"The Sound Of Love"

The Five Americans - "I See The Light"

Lagniappe: Rare footage of my favorite Five Americans track, from Dick Clark's Where The Action Is show:

The Five Americans - "Evol - Not Love"

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