Arsenal 2012/2013 Season Long Thread
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re: Arsenal 2012/2013 Season Long Thread
Posted by thenry712 on 12/4 at 3:36 pm to TFTC
Absolutely pathetic managerial display by Wenger. I don't care if we already qualified and our first choice players are "fatigued". Now we face a sure elimination from the knockout rounds. Schalke qualified on top with a draw away to the worst team in the group.

I've finally lost patience with Wenger.

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Posted by ATLienTiger on 12/4 at 3:47 pm to thenry712
Which 1st place teams do we actually have a chance at defeating?

I've only seen a few PSG matches, but for all the expensive players they have they aren't really dominant at all. Shaktar on attack will murder us with the counter, they are real fast down the flanks. I haven't seen Malaga play enough to determine anything, but their results have been really damn good. BVB is just playing too damn well right now otherwise I'd say we have a fighters chance. Can Valencia take 1st over Bayern? Either way I haven't seen them play enough this season to say how we would fare.

I give us no chance with ManU, Barca, Bayern

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Posted by thenry712 on 12/4 at 3:53 pm to ATLienTiger
We can't play another English team in the first knockout round, thus ruling out United. I never really understood the logic behind that rule.

PSG have been much better in Europe than in Ligue 1 play. Their a side built for Europe though, as group stage results show.

Malaga would be the best bet for Arsenal given the tenuous state of that squad. An injury or two to one of their better players would be extremely costly. Still, at full strength, Malaga would really present problems for Arsenal.

This post was edited on 12/4 at 3:55 pm

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Posted by ATLienTiger on 12/4 at 4:00 pm to thenry712
No way they make Arsenal match Barca in 1st round of knockouts for the 3rd time in what 4 years right?

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Posted by thenry712 on 12/4 at 4:05 pm to ATLienTiger
We played them in the quarterfinals in 2010, so it would only be twice in the last three years meeting them in the Round of 16.

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Posted by Jumbeauxlaya on 12/5 at 8:32 am to thenry712
I want to puke ever time Ramsey touches the ball.

I would say the same about gervinho but he at least set up the goal and almost did the same for Arshavin with that nice layoff.

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Posted by cwil177 on 12/5 at 8:43 am to Jumbeauxlaya
I'm disappointed with Ramsey, but mostly because he played so well at the Olympics and got my hopes up.

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Posted by Jumbeauxlaya on 12/5 at 9:10 am to cwil177
I just don't understand him.

He'll do some great hustle and a nice trick to steal the ball or dribble around two midfielders on the other team.. then look up and see a streaking arsenal player running free down the sideline... and pass it straight to the defender.

or possibly run at the defender and try to pull a ronaldo and lose the ball that way.

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Posted by DestrehanTiger on 12/5 at 9:19 am to Jumbeauxlaya
I think Ramsey's left footed whiff in the box was pretty much spot on for his typical play.

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Posted by TFTC on 12/5 at 10:01 am to DestrehanTiger
Wilfried Zaha agrees with most of you guys...


Wilfried Zaha ?@wilfriedzaha
I swear I'm not watching arsenal anymore

Wilfried Zaha ?@wilfriedzaha
I am a arsenal supporter but they stress me out

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Posted by LSUSOBEAST1 on 12/5 at 10:05 am to TFTC

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Posted by Jumbeauxlaya on 12/5 at 10:40 am to TFTC
Ugh, not good.

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Posted by NextSportStar on 12/6 at 8:31 am to glassman
Arsenal have many potential players. They are playing well.But i think that experienced players are also needed fro this teams game plan.They required a genuine play maker and perfect finisher.

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Posted by Wideman on 12/6 at 1:47 pm to DestrehanTiger
Ramsey played like dog shite Tuesday. With the exception of two passes, Gervinho played like dog shite... what in the fricking frick is he doing out there? He gets the ball on a counter, doesn't pass, and makes sure to hold on to the ball until the defense sets back up... then he decides to dribble it through all of them and loses the damn ball.

I was very impressed with Rosicky. He played very well. Great vision and awareness out there. I love how the ball comes to him and he's able to simply flick it one way or another to separate from the defender and head toward goal.

I certainly wouldn't be upset if Ramsey and Gervinho stay on the bench Saturday.

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Posted by dgnx6 on 12/6 at 1:53 pm to Wideman
i Seriously think a 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1 is what they should play. Wilshere and arteta in middle, santi and ox out wide have theo play off giroud.

Or even play poldi off giroud and keep theo out wide.

This post was edited on 12/6 at 1:54 pm

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Posted by Jumbeauxlaya on 12/6 at 3:01 pm to Wideman

Ramsey played like dog shite Tuesday. With the exception of two passes, Gervinho played like dog shite...

Tellin em like it is!

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Posted by Wideman on 12/7 at 3:04 pm to Jumbeauxlaya
Great article by Brian Phillips at Grantland about Wenger and his future with the club.



the narrative the club sold to Gunners fans was one of young talent and hope: Things might look dark now, but wait till the youthful core of Cesc Fabregas and Robin van Persie and Samir Nasri and Emmanuel Adebayor and Theo Walcott and Nicklas Bendtner matures, and you'll see a force that could dominate English football for 10 years. The moment when that blossoming was destined to take place always seemed to be "next season," but it was something to live on, at least. The only problem was that most of the child stars got tired of waiting for themselves to mature and jumped ship for clubs where they could win trophies immediately:2 Fabregas to Barcelona, Nasri to Manchester City, van Persie to Manchester United, Adebayor to various clubs, and Bendtner to Bendtner Comes Alive! FC, a club of 11 Bendtners that plays its league games inside Bendtner's imagination.


But it suggests that Wenger is intelligent enough and flexible enough to think like an executive as well as like a visionary coach — that for him, the two roles may even be synonymous. And that, ultimately, is why it's impossible to say whether Arsenal should fire him or not. Because we, as outside observers, however knowledgeable (and fun, and good-looking) we are, have no idea what the Arsenal board has demanded of Wenger. If they've made vast sums available for his transfer spending and pleaded with him to build the strongest team in England, then yes, his determination to buy bargain players and stick to his own vision has hurt the club. But what if they've ordered him to keep costs down, control wages, and just do the best he can while they get the club's long-term revenue and ownership structures worked out? Obviously, some managers would fail swiftly and hilariously in that scenario (I'm not convinced that Harry Redknapp knows how to subtract). But Wenger? He could just about keep it together under those circumstances, right? And wouldn't his corporate-administrative, "this club is in fantastic shape" side even approve of the project? The only criterion by which we can judge a coach is what he accomplishes with the resources he has. And with Wenger, the background is so complicated that we simply don't know exactly what he's had. He's soccer's quantum uncertainty. He's a terrible coach whose decisions have ruined Arsenal, and he's a brilliant coach whose balancing act has saved Arsenal's future. We have no way of measuring which of those things he really is, so to us, he's both at the same time. The slogan Arsenal fans have always used to express their faith in Wenger is "Arsene Knows." Maybe Arsene does know, and that's why he's gazing into space with that black-hole stare every weekend. For the fans' sake, I hope someone knows something — and at the moment that's all I know about Arsenal.

This post was edited on 12/7 at 3:05 pm

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Posted by TFTC on 12/7 at 7:34 pm to Wideman
What happened to DB10_AFC? Havent seen him posting much anymore...

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Posted by LSUSOBEAST1 on 12/7 at 8:19 pm to TFTC
He retired except for the fantasy threads

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Posted by BleedPurpleGold on 12/7 at 8:27 pm to LSUSOBEAST1

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