The Oregon Department of Revenue is more than a bit screwed up
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The Oregon Department of Revenue is more than a bit screwed up
Posted by CarrolltonTiger on 6/11 at 5:52 pm

If Krystle Marie Reyes had been a little more organized, she might've gotten away with it. The 25-year-old Oregon woman's multimillion-dollar tax scam wasn't discovered until she reportedly lost not one but two prepaid Visa cards that held her fraudulent $2.1 million (!!!) refund. Reyes used TurboTax software to claim a fake $3 million in income on her tax return, scoring the eye-popping refund in the process. She'd already blown $200,000 before she was busted in what's believed to be the "largest case of fraud in the state." Reyes is currently in jail, and the Oregon Department of Revenue is scrambling to answer countless questions as to how this happened.

How likely is she didn't hit the Feds and just went with a bizarre State tax return?

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Posted by BrerTiger on 6/11 at 6:04 pm to CarrolltonTiger
You can put policies and procedures in place but people can still screw up...


Derrick Gasperini, a Revenue Department spokesman, said the size of the refund claim triggered the woman's return to be flagged for an inspection.

Multiple people looked at the electronic document and erroneously approved the massive refund, said Gasperini, adding that the highest-level reviewer is ultimately responsible.


But the article doesn't say if anyone, anyone at all, at the Department of Revenue is going to be held accountable for the mistake.

I'm also not sure why the state allows TurboTax to issue Visa debit cards in such large amounts. Though I would have to guess (the article doesn't say) that TurboTax doesn't issue the card until the state accepts the return.

Lots of questions there...

Long story short, the state had multiple people "review" the return and not one of them did their job and caught the error. Either those folks are incompetent or they've been trained to look for the wrong stuff. Either way, they failed.

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Posted by C on 6/11 at 6:06 pm to BrerTiger
Or she knows someone on the inside. But that would require both her and the person on the inside to be competent. Your scenarios of incompetence are more likely.

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Posted by BrerTiger on 6/11 at 6:08 pm to CarrolltonTiger

She used the card for a variety of purchases, including a 1999 Dodge Caravan, and $800 for wheels and tires.

She has a long way to go before she can even sniff the airspace of an OT baller.

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