Streets of Fire (1984)
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re: Streets of Fire (1984)
Posted by Jim Rockford on 6/30 at 8:26 am to chinese58

Don't think so. If nothing else it has Diane Lane


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Posted by shutterspeed on 6/30 at 10:00 am to yurintroubl

Also - The blonde bimbo chick "biggest fan" (not the mechanic, obviously) is the voice of a couple of the Rugrats.

She also showed full bush in Valley Girl.

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Posted by Algerian on 6/30 at 11:20 am to shutterspeed
Thank you for reminding me of this movie! As a high school sophomore in 84 this movie was great numerous times. I just watched it again and forgot about a lot of the names in this movie and the music scenes were fantastic.

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Posted by Someone on 6/30 at 1:12 pm to MedDawg

I just found out in the past week or so that it was a white guy (Dan Hartman) who sang "I Can Dream About You" and not those 4 black guys in the movie.

Actually, the version of the song in the movie is not Hartman's. It's sung by a guy named Winston Ford (but he's not one of the guys in the group, either).

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Posted by chinese58 on 6/30 at 1:53 pm to shutterspeed
It is a fun movie. Thought Michael Pare character, Tom Cody was the coolest. Would be a great screen name for an all movie bulletin board.

Ry Cooder soundtrack!

It's like a mini-musical (little like 48 Hours) Escape from New York with costumes from some of the gangs in The Warriors.

A nerd like Billy Fish having a girlfriend like Ellen Aim is a definite 80's thing.

Geaux watch it and report back to the board.

ETA: Only read the OP before posting so I posted similar stuff twice.

Thanks for bumping again Guys. Might have to watch again Myself.

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Posted by Alahunter on 6/30 at 2:52 pm to chinese58
Watched this just last week. Great movie that you don't have to analyze or try to 'get'. Can just be entertained.

There was supposed to be a sequel, but it was scrapped after the dismal box office showing. I think it was finally made around 2007 or so, though I've never seen it. Don't think it had anyone from the original movie in it.

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Posted by shutterspeed on 6/30 at 11:27 pm to chinese58
Really enjoyed the production design of the film.

Fun to see all the fashions that are back in style now. Strange to think the '50s were to the '80s then as the '80s are to the younger generation now.

The editing, acting, and choreography were all extremely polished. Loved the deadpan delivery of the actors and enjoyed the filmed-musical feel to the picture.

When the Dan Hartman song came on toward the end, I had the biggest damn smile on my face.

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