Got scammed by someone trolling this careful
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re: Got scammed by someone trolling this careful
Posted by BootballMusicman on 9/10 at 2:14 pm to St Augustine
Stubhub - DOES NOT Guarantee the tickets,just the transaction.

If you tickets don't work, you still don't get in, Stubhib, will refund the money after the fact

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Posted by T on 9/12 at 2:11 pm to BoulderTiger
Do not bother buying tickets from We made a deal for tickets, for days he made excuses about why he could not get me the tickets, then tells me a week later that he just sold the tickets for a higher price. I do not know his username, but just beware of this email. Dealing with him is not worth the trouble.

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Posted by CarRamrod on 9/13 at 12:42 pm to T
What tickets you looking for T

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Posted by skygod123 on 9/16 at 1:05 pm to TigahRag

actually, that's a GREAT tip ... post date the check for two weeks after tix are to be mailed .. then, when you are given the tix, call the ticket office or go by to make sure they are legitimate tix ... if the check clears anytime before that .. this is on the bank and not you .. so, trust me, they won't cash it at all ..
thats a good tip but not necessarily fool proof. Ive post dated checks that get deposited and cashed the same day. when i called the banks, they said that i should hold on to the check til the date i want it cashed....

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Posted by rxbtjxnes on 9/21 at 10:38 am to skygod123
Relative is a. Federal bank inspector, there is no such thing as a post dated check, once issued, the check can be redeamed if funds are not availBle, it becomes a hot check

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Posted by Red Stick Tigress on 10/11 at 8:44 pm to rxbtjxnes
You can put any date on the check. If I write you a check dated 10/13/13 and hand it to you and you go to my bank to cash it, it is up to the bank whether or not they want to honor it prior to the date written on it. I have seen it go both ways.

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