LSU released this 'Miked Up' footage on Monday of defensive coordinator Dave Aranda coaching up his players during first few days of Spring Practice.

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DC Dave Aranda is the best in the business no doubt about it. He's not a yeller but he's not a whisperer either, one hell of a teacher that's why we had the 10th ranked defense in the country and 1st in TD's allowed, that's just awesome. Three years under Chief LB Duke Riley was nothing more than a special teams ace, one year under Aranda and he was voted team MVP by his teammates and went from an unknown to a 2nd to 4th round draft pick, impressive. OLB Arden Key went from a decent pass rusher to one most fear rushers in the entire country and tying the school record for sacks with two games missed, very impressive. Coach Aranda will win the Broyles Award for the top assistant next year when his defense ranks in the top 5 if not #1 and leads the Nation in TD's allowed again. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!PURPLEREIGN??????????
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can tell no one in the comment section actually played football lol, the guy is teaching basic technique and yall are ready to give him a HC position haha.
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Why do people think a good defensive coordinator will make a good head coach? Ask Florida and South Carolina how that's worked out for them with Muschamp. A good head coach is an overseer who surrounds himself with good coaches and lets them do their jobs. Which is exactly what Coach O is doing. He recruits and handles the PR. In addition, Coach Aranda has stated many times that he doesn't want to be a head coach. Probably because he doesn't want to deal with the media and PR circus that comes with it. I think we have the perfect balance of coaches from top to bottom that we've had in a long time. They were most all picked by O and their personalities mesh well together. Cohesiveness is essential to a winning program. I think Coach Aranda is the best d-coordinator in the country and I hope he stays with us in that capacity for a long time. Can't wait for September!
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Guys dont turn this into a "wish this guy was our HC deal" We have a head coach that knows his limits and his strengths. Lets enjoy this ride. He has the pieces in place to be a great head coach.
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As a CEO fan, I hope he does really well here... but I hope Aranda sticks around and is our next decade long HC.
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I see why his LBs are so good.
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This dude is freaking smart. Really is the Professor!
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That grey sweatshirt is pretty sweet
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Damn I love that guy.
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He's just so damn smart
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Different style than Canada but equally as effective
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Dude is a smooth operator...I didn't think I'd ever see video of Aranda yelling....I wish he was our head coach. I think O has done great things with his hirings so far, but this man will make a great HC one day. I could probably say the same for Canada.
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One of the many knocks on the O hire was that he isn't an "expert on one side of the ball" so we would have to just keep hiring new coordinators all the time. Based on his hires i can't say that's a bad thing Aranda and Canada now have ties to Louisiana and LSU and so will any other top coordinator O brings in to replace them if necessary. when the time comes to replace O (either sooner or later) we would have some great candidates to choose from.
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I thought about that, but as long as O let's his other coaches do their jobs, he has experience at one of the most important positions. I know he can't run his own Offense or defense, or hasn't, but the line is where Bama has beat us and that's O's specialty.
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doin work
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Put me in coach??
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Good HC's surround themselves with good AC's. Coach O knows this has done a wonderful job in the hiring of his top coordinators
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