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New Orleans area High School coaches got together for a meeting on Thursday to discuss the recruiting process but there was no talk of a potential boycott of LSU, according to The Advocate.

LSU head coach Ed Orgeron met with a two high school coaches on Friday and was told there would be no boycott but that they would like more communication with the Unversity.

Two of the coaches, Edna Karr head coach Brice Brown and McDonogh 35 assistant Frank Daggs, met with Orgeron on Friday, holding a “productive” discussion with the coach about the future of his recruiting in New Orleans and pledging the support of NOLA football coaches.

“There will be no boycott of LSU in any fashion,” Brown told The Advocate Friday. “We just got done with a meeting with Coach Orgeron. We just want more communication with LSU. This meeting just solidified that.”
Daggs and Brown both explained that the meeting that took place was for them to discuss "the recruiting process for their kids" and also to start an association down in New Orleans for the coaches.

“We were talking about the recruiting process of our kids,” Daggs said. “We wanted to make sure our kids are academically eligible by their junior year so they’ll be able to go to LSU or Tulane or wherever. We did not talk about any of the staff changes or anything like that.”

“The basis of the meeting was to start an association in New Orleans for our coaches down here,” Brown said. “We really got a lot accomplished with that. We knew, as coaches from the New Orleans area, we need to get together and get stronger and better.”
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These guys want an association for what? They all have each others phone numbers and can talk any time. This sounds like they are wanting power to me. They want to dictate what colleges come in to NOLA and have power themselves over who will see their kids. What's next? Colleges will have to give kickbacks to the coaches to be able to come into the area? They already tried to dictate who LSU had on staff!!! They actually threatened at their own kids expense to not let LSU into their school! Where does it end? Sounds fishy to me.
Reply7 months
Screw s. Payton and their bama saints.
Reply7 months
But JackNOLA said this would end
Reply7 months
Coach O - fixing the loose ends. Good job Coach.
Reply7 months
I did not know Orgeron needed the approval of the NOLA coaches to make decisions that impact the team. Learn something new every day.
Reply7 months
Fake news.....
Reply7 months
"Ed Orgeron met with a two New Orleans coaches on Friday."
Reply7 months
These guys are idiots. Grandstanding attention whores. They couldn't wait to see who Orgeron would hire beforehand they raised a fuss. LSU protected Juluke by reassigning him instead of firing him and that was before the NO coaches started making noise. And Juluke landed on his feet at Texas Tech. Then LSU hires a NO guy. Again, a bunch of idiots.
Reply7 months
You're an idiot get your facts straight before you try to voice your opinion.
7 months
I think we were fed a bunch of misinformation or exaggerated hearsay. First it was 5 coaches and a boycott. Then, one of them says that was never discussed. Now, CEO meets with 2 coaches, and it's all good. If anything, LSU's ties with the NO coaching community is stronger after the meeting and recent hires.
7 months
Need to reestablish the relationship with the Monroe area coaches, too. When Shows left, the NeLa pipeline dried up.
Reply7 months
Absolutely right Spankum! A top priority for this staff. A critical area that has lost too many good players in recent years. Vital to National success!
7 months
No problem. The coaches are like a family member to these kids. Communication is great! That's what recruiting is all about. Getting to know the families and gain their trust for their kids. The more we visit with the coaches, the better odds we have of keeping the top players at home. Also, give the HS coaches a little recognition. They deserve it. My old coaches busted their butts on the field, the courts, the diamond, and the classrooms. And rarely got the respect they deserved. Put a positive spin on this, and it will pay huge dividends!
Reply7 months
Coaches association is a great idea. And I have no doubt that Coach O and his staff will solidify communications. Great stuff.
Reply7 months
Not saying kiss arse but definitely keep a good relationship
Reply7 months
Some of you guys are foolish, it's in LSU best interest to keep good relationships with the NO pipeline...lose NO pipeline and LSU of the 90's soon return
Reply7 months
What pipeline? We get some N.O. kids, but it's far from our pipeline to lose.
7 months
They are clown coaches anyway. When your team cannot kick extra points you are not a true football coach.
Reply7 months
I guarantee you that Ed O met with these guys, said he will communicate better, and then said "frick those guys" under his breath as he walked out.
Reply7 months
Did you read the article? You couldn't have.
Reply7 months
"would like more communication from the Unversity" LSU does not need the approval from a high school coach to fire a LSU coach. Who the hell do these guys think they are? This all started because of Juluke.
Reply7 months
LSU didn't start winning until Saban broke the last strike!
7 months
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