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According to CBS Writer Dennis Dodd, he doesn't think the LSU Tigers are good enough to be in his early 2014 Top 25. Here are Dodd's rankings:

The first top 25 of 2014 contains the usual suspects -- six from the SEC -- but also the possibility of a repeat. With an NFL-caliber quarterback and the guts of the nation's No. 1 scoring defense, Jimbo's team seems like a good bet to do it again.

1. Florida State
2. Auburn
3. Michigan State
4. Ohio State
5. Oregon
6. Stanford
7. Alabama
8. Oklahoma
10. Missouri
11. USC
12. Baylor
13. Arizona State
14. Kansas State
15. Texas
16. Wisconsin
17. Notre Dame
18. Texas A&M
19. UCF
20. South Carolina
21. Georgia
22. Clemson
23. BYU
24. Duke
25 (tie). Minnesota
25 (tie). Marshall
This guy is not going to make any friends on the Tiger Rant.
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Must be a schedule thing
Reply42 months
It just doesn't matter
Reply42 months
Actually we have beaten A&M three times in a pretty considerable margins.
Reply42 months
If memory serves me right, LSU had defeated Texas A&M twice in a row WITH Johnny Football on the squad, and is #17 on this list below both Texas and Notre Dame which I would love to play twice a year. Let's just go beat Wisconsin #16 and prove him wrong. Where was Auburn on the preseason lists this year???? That should tell you what the Experts like Dodd know! Nothing!
Reply42 months
This is some guy they probably pulled off the street and said, "Hey! Could you give us your 'top 25' for next season?". And he signed his list with his 'X'. Who cares!!!!
Reply42 months
Who is Dennis Dodd
Reply42 months
obviously, it is a mistake....
Reply42 months
Didn't he have us #1 in July before 2011 season way before everyone else in the media jumped on our bandwagon that year? So it's not like he always has had it out for LSU. That's just bizarre if he really believes that.
Reply42 months
he's a "Looney Tune" like me .....
Reply42 months
LSU 14' roster can beat 15 teams pretty easily on that list.
Reply42 months
Not sure what's worse, having LSU not in the top 25, or having Texas in his top 15.
Reply42 months
maybe he forgot how to spell LSU
Reply42 months
Les should print that out, pin it up in the locker room, and have J-Hill read it aloud to the team everyday til labor day
Reply42 months
I think that he Forgot lsu !
Reply42 months
I think that he Forgot lsu !
Reply42 months
Who cares about his opinion on who the top 25 will be.
Reply42 months
Hardcore troll job. Jesus. Missouri and South Carolina are far too low. BYU, Duke, Minnesota, and Marshall have no business being anywhere close to the top 25. Putting Michigan State, Ohio State, and Oregon in the Top 5 is a complete joke. And leaving LSU off entirely is a clear indication that this guy has no fricking clue.
Reply42 months
He scores an 11 on the Jackass Meter......
Reply42 months
He obviously doesn't like LSU! I frankly wonder if he just "forgot" that LSU will play football in 2014 ... Otherwise, it's just crazy!
Reply42 months
Damn we suck worse than Marshall :/
Reply42 months
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