From the start, LSU was fighting from behind. Just 30 seconds into the game LSU lost Jarell Martin to injury. They also lost their only lead (3-0) of the game. From there on out, it was a struggle. Fouls limited many LSU players. The Tigers had 20 fouls in the first half. However, the referee's weren't the issue.

LSU went only 15 of 25 from the free throw line, including missing the front end of 4 one and one attempts. UMASS was 28-40 from the line. That is the difference in the game. Look at any other stat; LSU outrebounded UMASS 44-40. Had 2 more assists than UMASS. Had 2 more steals than UMASS. Had 3 more blocks, and were even with 13 turnovers for both clubs. However, the Tigers couldn't make free throws.

LSU had four players score over 16 points, lead by Johnny O'Bryant who scored 23. Andre Stringer chipped in 21 points while Mickey and Hickey both netted 16 points. O'Bryant and Mickey both had double-doubles adding 11 and 10 rebounds respectively.

All said and done, LSU was able to stick with a very impressive UMASS team without freshman phenom Jarell Martin. We learned that Mickey can play extended minutes without getting into too much foul trouble after his 38 logged minutes. His 5 blocks kept UMASS within reach. The Tigers just fell short.

This was a tough loss when you look ahead to selection Sunday. This gave LSU a chance to get a quality win on their resume. However, LSU still has some big games on their schedule to get excited about. St Joseph's and a possible matchup against Memphis makes the Old-Spice Classic an important late November battle. LSU also gets Tennessee, Florida, and Kentucky twice in their SEC slate.

Before the game I told myself that there was no "moral victory" to be had in this game, however after losing Martin in the first minute and playing in so much foul trouble, the young Tigers showed grit and determination. Make a couple free throws or another three pointer, and this game could have been a big victory. Tough to be upset at a team that hustled all game and worked their hardest.

There is plenty of promise for the Tigers. They were able to learn a lot about themselves, the fouling rules, and where they need to correct their gameplan. Chin up Tiger fans, these boys can play.

Player Grades:

Johnny O'Bryant (A-) - O'Bryant was a force all morning finishing with 23pts, 11rebs, 2blks, and 2asts. However, O'Bryant went 5-10 from the free throw line and missed the front end of one and one shots twice.

Jordan Mickey (A) Mickey filled the stat sheets in his first career start, including a double-double. Had 16pts, 10rebs, 5blks, and 1ast.

Tim Quarterman (C+) Quarterman struggled in his first game. He did score LSU's first points and didn't commit a turnover, but he seemed to slow LSU's offense to a crawl when manning the point. 5pts, 3rebs, 1ast, 1blk.

Andre Stringer (A) Stringer played great. He kept LSU in the game for stretches of time and was perfect from the free throw line (4/4). 21pts, 6rebs, 3ast, 2stls.

John Odo (D+) Odo came in for a couple minutes and racked up 3 quick fouls. He also missed the front end of a one and one. 1reb.

Shavon Coleman (B-) Coleman was matched up with much taller players on the perimeter and didn't really play much of a factor. He had 5pts, 4rebs, 1ast, and 1stl.

Shane Hammink (B-) Shane seemed to question himself on offense, except a very nice drive to the hoop where he made a layup and got fouled. 3pts, 2rebs, and 2asts.

Anthony Hickey (A) Hickey came in off the bench and really played well. He only hit 3 of 9 from three point range but made the offense go at PG. 16pts, 7asts, 3stls, and 2rebs.

Malik Morgan (C-) Malik struggled defensively with hte new handcheck rules. He had 4 fouls in limited minutes. However he did get 2asts, 1reb, 1stl, and 1pt.

LSU returns home to face another faced paced opponent Saturday night when the Tigers face the Northwestern St Demons. LSU beat the Demons 102 to 95 last season and look to get back to their winning ways at 7PM. While no official word has been given on Martin's return, Coach Jones said they will use "every precaution".

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:cheers: hopefully there's an update soon on Martin. Mickey was and still is my fav. Player from that class and on the team.
Reply35 months
I'm wondering why we didn't press earlier?
We really ignited when we pressed. This is a team that loves to press.
Maybe JJ doesn't think the freshman can handle it yet, so we're still not deep enough??

Was at the game sitting 2 rows up from our bench.
Poor Tim was biting his nails sitting there. Real good experience for him, on the road, very loud & hostile crowd.

The push offs and 2 handed pushes into players' backs by UMass that weren't called, were constant, esp. in 1st half.

At one point Hickey was pushed by Williams (for the hundredth time it seemed like) and Hickey was called for the foul! This happened right in front of us AND the ref. JJ was livid. Got on the refs a lot in the 1st half.

However this situation was also great experience and I was really impressed that they didn't let the 1st half officiating get to them.
Individually they were aggravated (watched their facial expressions), but collectively they stuck it out.

Great first effort in spite of the setbacks.
Reply35 months

I'm wondering why we didn't press earlier?

It worked great. However I think we were worried about the possible fouls. We already had everyone with 4 by the end of the game. :lol:

Hope to see it some against teams who prefer a slower pace. I thought we may not press them because they are already a fast paced team.
35 months
Thanks SOS, good write up.

We've got to improve from the line.
Reply35 months
Yeah it's difficult to win games shooting 60% from the line. You have to make hay there. The goal should be a team percentage around 80, with a couple guys shooting well into the 80s. Even if we shoot 75% from the line last night, we win by 3. Tough to lose that way for sure, but they're young and I'm sure will be stuck in the gym late doing nothing but working on free throws. Or they should be, anyway.
Reply35 months
Tough loss as the opportunities were there, but I was truly impressed on how we played. This season should be a fun one to watch.
Reply35 months
Like everyone, I'm disappointed to see free throws be a big reason we lost. Martin should be okay. I believe Moscona said yesterday evening that the staff didn't want to risk putting him back into the game considering it was the first game of the season. It didn't sound very serious, but who knows.
35 months
Thanks SOS. :bow:

UMass was playing its second game, in front of a home crowd. It had a veteran team.

We should only get better, as we gain experience. Add Matin and we win in spite of the ft shooting. Improve the ft shooting and we will have a good season.

Blatant bad call on JOB as their pg pushed off with his left arm cost us the game, as it forced Johnny to sit down the stretch.

I'm excited by the potential of this team. I'm a MickeyMan.
Reply35 months
Well after watching the game on DVR, good effort by the Tigers.

The key to this game wasn't fouls (yes it was terrible) or foul shooting (yes it was also terrible), it was the terrible 3rd and 4th foul calls on JOB.
Once he got on track, Umass had no answer for him. Him sitting down was huge.
And of course Martin getting hurt.

And how good was Stringer :bow:

My biggest problem with the fouls was how they would call such a ticky tack foul, yet let Williams completely shove Hickey for the 3 at the end of the half. I know their is a point being made in some, but this was simply a whistle happy crew that did a poor job and we have some of those every year.

And props to Hammink, he catches shite on here but he played a good game and contributed when we needed him.

And of course Mickey, dude is going to be dominant as the year goes on.

Good game, good learning experience for this team.
We need much better production from Morgan, Coleman, and Odo for sure.
35 months
They missed opportunities. Clearly it is time to fire the coaching staff.
Reply35 months

They missed opportunities. Clearly it is time to fire the coaching staff.

Miles has lost all control of this team.
35 months
I feel really good about this team
Reply35 months
One thing to note, we put up 90 in regulation.

Amazing from 2 years ago
35 months
Shame that martin got hurt. Really think we could have won the game with him. That's part of it, overcoming adversity to win a game on the road.
Reply35 months
great writeup SOS. After listening and watching the game, some of the whistles on both ends were ridiculous. One particular in the 1st half on LSU where the guy barely touched him. I'm sitting here watching MSU and KY and I'm seeing similar fouls called. Both teams were in the bonus by the 10 min mark in 2nd half.
Reply35 months

great writeup SOS. After listening and watching the game, some of the whistles on both ends were ridiculous. One particular in the 1st half on LSU where the guy barely touched him. I'm sitting here watching MSU and KY and I'm seeing similar fouls called. Both teams were in the bonus by the 10 min mark in 2nd half.

These new rules changes are going to really hurt the game if the players don't adjust. They will all turn into boring free throw shooting contests and you know we will lose those most of the time.
35 months
Pumped up

Reply35 months
Good summary SOS. Tough loss today, hurt not having Martin and the new rules are going to continue to allow refs to dictate games unfortunately.
Reply35 months
I didnt get to watch the last 4 minutes of the game, that said:

I still have great hope for this team. 20 fouls in the first half, what the what?!? Lose Martin right off the bat.

Hickey/Stringer delivered with JOB3 on the bench when down 10 or so leading into my cutoff.

This team is a work in progress, but I feel confident it's only going to get better.

Reply35 months
Also, instead of an edit:

SOS thank you as always :cheers: :cheers:

I thought Mickey looked solid as can be.

ETA: RA'd for Sticky.
35 months
No rating for Eddlestone? I kid, but is Malone hurt too? Why would the walk-on go in before him?
Reply35 months

Malone hurt too? Why would the walk-on go in before him?

Yes, in the game thread someone said he got hit in the mouth in training. Required stitches so they kept him out
35 months
We are finally 10-deep for the first time in years. Sucks we lost but I'm still ecstatic about this team.
Reply35 months
Exactly. Same here. When you consider our youth, it being a road game in the morning, and us losing Jarell, I'm still proud of the way we played today. Like last year's team, they don't give up easily. Even after being down the entire game (besides a 3-0 lead). I was really pumped about Mickey getting a double double in his first game as a Tiger too. :geauxtigers:
35 months
I thought the officiating was attrocious at times. 4th foul on JOB was a joke. This team is deep enough to make the dance. Very optimistic!
35 months
I think Hammink deserves more than a B-, B+ to A- in my book. With the team running around like a chicken with their head cut off, he was able to be a stable presence and log solid minutes although he certainly looked hesitant right when he got it. I was disappointed to see him not play more in the second half. LSU looked good and I'm excited about the season. It looks like any one of the players who played tonight could play 20+ minutes on any given night and be an asset to the team. I think the team was somewhat unlucky and disorganized and they sure didn't seem to catch many breaks. If Martin doesn't get injured early and/or if O'Bryant doesn't pick up that phantom 3rd and 4th foul, I think they could have beaten what appears to be a very good UMASS team.

Side notes, Stringer was excellent per the usual. Morgan looked yoked like he's been in the weight room nonstop since last season. Quarterman looked like he lost his confidence/was out of sync with the team in the 2nd half. I would have preferred to see Hammink in the game then the way the game played out.
Reply35 months
Excellent write up SOS. The squad showed flashes for a promising future and still played a tough game despite the circumstances. The good thing is free throws are easy to correct and improve on.
Other than that looking forward to a great season
35 months
Reply35 months
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