At this point, Bracketology is even more abstract than art and it's always more of an art than a science. That doesn't stop people from still doing it.

There's not a better post-season climax than NCAA Basketball's Tournament. Giving 68 teams a chance to win it all, this tournament brings more drama than a soap opera. The first two days of the tournament are widely considered two of the best sports days of the year.

The Art of Bracketology is vast, complex, and lacking in structure. Then why do it? Because it's one of the most debatable topics in basketball.

Here's my December Bracketology:

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This early, there's little logic behind this. I like to look at defensive efficiency and how you play the top teams and I really don't incorporate wins against anyone not in the top 200 teams.

Still a lot of basketball to be played, but it's never too early to think about the end result; as long as you enjoy the ride.

NCAA Bracket Guidelines

Singlehandedly Increasing the Interest in LSU Basketball

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I don't see Kentucky as a 3 seed !! They might have 7 or 9 L's by the big dance
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I'm not sure if I would like that or not. I'm a VCU(and Memphis) fan too. But it would be kind of cool to have an Elite 8 matchup between LSU and VCU. I think it would be a good game, and hopefully LSU would win.
Reply43 months

I have no way to determine regions. Especially this early, I did not look at that at all. I got the 68 teams that I believed "earned" a bid and then ranked them. Then I just placed them in order and snaked them around.

The way that they determine which region a team ends up in is very interesting though. They try not to set you up to play anyone in conference in the first two rounds. They also try and keep regular season OOC games out of the first two rounds.

Here's the NCAA's bracket rules, which I have added to the post.

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Here's the NCAA's bracket rules, which I have added to the post.

Very complex but I guess the NCAA is trying to be as fair as possible during the selection process.

Now I see how you came up with the regions and teams there-in. Good work!

When I was reading about the actual team selections (rather than the placement in brackets)
I came up with a "what if?".
A voting committee member can't vote in any part of the selection process that contains a team he/she is affiliated with (good thing). It's therefore possible that quite a few members would be unable to vote in a certain phase of the balloting, because they are all affiliated with a team being voted upon.
This would mean that far less voters would be responsible for the picks in that part of the ballot. Might that skew the results??

43 months
Educate me, because I can be a little dumb - how do you know we'll be in Region 2?

Also, see my post under the Lunardi thread, re RPI's.
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No clue how you came up with this list, but I can guarantee it is just as if not more accurate than the so called experts are coming up with. Nice work.
Reply43 months
Where is this from?

Reply43 months

Where is this from?

SouthofSouth's attempt at an early bracket.

LSU will be a 6 seed. He's underselling us right now to appear un-biased.
43 months
Looks like the SEC will get screwed this year.

We will finish top 3 in the SEC and get a 9 seed?
Reply43 months

We will finish top 3 in the SEC and get a 9 seed?

We finished 1st in the SEC in 2009 and got an 8 seed.
42 months
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