It's tough for student athletes to play and work a job. So there is a proposal out to the NCAA to give students athletes $2,000 grants.

NCAA president Mark Emmert said Monday that he supports a proposal to allow conferences to increase grants to student athletes by $2,000, "to more closely approach" the full cost of attending college, beyond the athletic scholarships athletes receive for tuition, fees, room, board and books. Emmert said he'll also ask the board to allow colleges and universities to provide multiyear grants, instead of year-to-year grants.
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Give them $2000 per year but the college receives 4% of the revenue received from any NFL contract.
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Hondapa needs to be permanently banned from watching LSU for free on television even again.

Who do you think provides that free entertainment for you, bruh?

No you don't bleed purple and gold. And you DON'T love sports at LSU. You love enjoying those sports for free with no consideration at all for the people who provide your entertainment.


Can you tell us who you work for so we can call them and make sure you never get a raise or cost of living increase?

It's one thing for a certain percentage of STUPID LSU fans to get holier than thou about football players who are involved with barfights when that and other activities occur every week and are celebrated by fans before, during, and after football games. It's quite another though for a so-called fan to say that someone doesn't deserve an increase in pay for what they're doing.

Please ban this stupid POS so that recruits, other fans, coaches, players, mothers, fathers, children and human beings in general will not know that some LSU FANS are this stupid. And please just ban the OP's post, it's morally reprehensible.
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They should get a couple of handjiggers a week from hondapa until he stops being a hater.
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They could use the money since they can't work b/c of sports
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Student athletes have no ability to make money while going to school full time and praticing/playing their sport. Let them get a few extra dollars to buy clothes. No biggie.
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I cannot believe this is even under consideration. It's completely ludicrous, IMO! These kids already get free tuition, food, fees, room, board and books. Not to mention all the things they get for free around campus and off campus (the well known players). But, noooooo...these poor, underprivileged kids just can't get by with all of this. They need $2K more a year?!?!? This is ridiculous! It will only get them in to trouble! I mean, come on! What the hell you think these kids are going to do with that extra money??? I can promise they will not save it for the holidays in order to "buy a plane ticket to get back home to see their families!" This is how they are trying to pitch this whole deal! It's only going to get them in trouble! Particularly the football players! And, don't get me wrong, I bleed purple and gold, and I love all sports at LSU...I just don't think it would be a good thing for the players. Where would all this money come from anyway??? TAF? I mean, how many student athletes are there (men and women) at LSU??? 400? 500? A million dollars extra/year/university??? LUDICROUS!
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