So, these rugby fans were taunting each other and by the look on one dude's face, he thought he was walking away on top. Well, he ended up on the bottom...language NSFW...

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I had a buddy back in the day that played rugby for LSU and the USA National team and I asked him what was it about the sport that he enjoyed...he said he liked the "contact" which seemed like an understatement, e.g. chipped teeth, broken fingers, broken noses, etc...did I mention blood...the stories he told of post match drinking were unbelievable...these guys would tear up a bar in a heartbeat...his advice to me was don't f@ck with rugby players unless you want to scrum...and to this day I have always heeded that advice.
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This is a nice break from the normal Dodgers and 49ers fan fights we see.
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Lol dude was treated like a yoyo.
Reply2 months
That was a British Bubba for sure.
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Did blue boy not understand that the "bring it" hand motion means to actually bring it.
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geez, you see that dude's knuckles?
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Rugby match is the last place I would start shit
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Just when I though I was out, they pull me back in.
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What was his shirt made of? Paper?
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Lil blue bitch got pushed time, walk away!
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Dad strength on display.
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So where's the fight?
Reply2 months
That's not a fight
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That little prick needs his arse beat
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lol. this is great. the little loud mouth "hold me back" guy got his arse yanked around for once.
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